Anyone to recommend fengshui master or fortune teller

Discussion in 'Singapore Fengshui Discussion' started by Gladys, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Gladys

    Gladys Member


    Anyone has been to fenghui master or fortune teller to increase luck. Care to share.
  2. P4nic

    P4nic Member

    I think master chang of not bad
  3. Angelmum

    Angelmum Moderator

    Try this.

    you can meet him or read his site
  4. bssgcy

    bssgcy New Member


    Our family all the way engage with Master Lim 90264251. He even help me to conceive after 2 times fail in IVF.

    He is very good in Ba Zhi
  5. coco^v^

    coco^v^ Member

    Sorry, may I know what is Zhi? Can brief more on his method and ways of doing/calculating? Which area is he good in and is he good in areas like enhancing career, relationship and $$$? :001_302:
  6. bssgcy

    bssgcy New Member

    Sorry, is Ba Zi (八字)。

    He will looking at house's Fengshui, and family's ba zi, which can increase the luck of the family members. You need to tell him you are more concern in which area, like pregnancy, career, health, 贵人,文昌etc...He also can advise whether should have working environment change, start own business or whatever.

    He will provide a report for house's fengshui, color scheme of the house.
    If you want him to tell you the details of your ba zi, he will told you at what age you will marry, or what age you will get promoted all this.

    As for the $$, i think is better check with him directly. Last year I paid for S$368 for 5 rooms flat.
  7. Gladys

    Gladys Member

    Hi, Do you need to buy or change a lot of things after he has seen your house. Does he has any shop can go over there to see? Any idea how much he charge for ba zi.
  8. allycat

    allycat Active Member

    Ya, do you have to buy a lot of stuff from him? The one I went to a few years back charged me $600 for fengshui for my 5 rooms flat, and I ended up paying more than $2k buying all those good luck stuff from him. Didnt feel anything different thought. Or no bad event is good event??
  9. bssgcy

    bssgcy New Member

    Yes, you will need to buy all quite basic things like clock, stone, red carpet,coin, red roses etc, not those expensive fengshui display. He even not encourage you to buy all those expensive fengshui display like 'Bi Qiu' etc. He believe in 金水木火土。

    He recommended me to buy at the whole sale shop near Kitchener road (forgot the exact road name) there which not belongs to him, he said the price there is cheap. That's why we always go to him because he is not 砍菜头type.

    Last year the price for 八字is S$128/person face to face, S$68/person through phone. Not sure any discount for more than 1 pax.

    For mine, the Fengshui fee includes 八字 for 2 paxs.
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  10. Pinkliciouz

    Pinkliciouz Member

    I have a friend who is doing the fengshui consultation freelance. His rates are reasonable. He doesn't sells things, so after consulting, if there's anything you need, he will give you a list of things to buy, and he will advise you where to get it, but you can buy from any place you like, to your convenience lor. Usually he will tell people not to get too expensive stuffs as he believes the things works the same, but some people charge it expensive, some charge it cheap. So he would rather that we don't spend so much. He understands that it is hard-earn money also lah...

    He's very busy, cos he got a lot of jobs on que already. A lot of my friends recommended their whole family / boss / colleagues to consult him afterI intro them to him.

    PM for his number if you are interested.
  11. Jacklynong

    Jacklynong New Member

    Can look for Master Irene Toh from Search Digital KDB (Page 1 of 77). She is an expert in palm and face reading. Do not misjudge that palm / face reading not accurate compare to bazi or ziwei doushu hoh. You're be shock that this master is able predict things that you intend to hide. Most important, the charges are quite ok. Less than S40 I rem.
  12. Jodav

    Jodav Member

  13. mabe

    mabe New Member

    Can try this master jcfengshui88
    He is very professional. He is famous for his talisman and taoist ritual. My friend got ask him for prediction, and she said he is accurate. That master use finger to calculate, heard he oso do pokercard too. But that master dont have shop, he alway meet by appointment. I only bought 1 talisman from him, seem not bad. I think can try la. Very friendly person, not haolian type.
  14. Triquetra

    Triquetra Active Member

    Yiu Rong Zi is popular but I heard he is very commercialized.
  15. mabe

    mabe New Member

    Heard that he is specialise in selling jade.
  16. Triquetra

    Triquetra Active Member

    Yah always receive pamphlet for those jades -.-"
  17. mabe

    mabe New Member

    Somemore not cheap woh!!! 1 small jade of his i can buy my favourite LV bag sio...........
  18. posh

    posh Member

    ya, my fren went to see him also. too commercialized and expensive.
  19. Mamalove_daughte

    Mamalove_daughte New Member

    Use Chang of, but find that his recommendation a bit awkward and inconvenience for occupants like don't flush the 2 toilets so often (won't we get kidney problem?), tilt the main door direction. Furthermore, no explanation for said Sha Qi in dining area, I only see rows of hdb flats outside????

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