anyone tried babyland/ coolababy cloth diaper?

Discussion in 'General Parenting Discussion' started by xicloudix, May 7, 2010.

  1. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    Hi, anyone tried babyland/ coolababy cloth diaper? Any reviews???
  2. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    I'm currently using Babyland diapers during the day. It's good if you are diapering a toddler/older baby because they come only in snaps and snaps are harder to remove. Otherwise, nothing really interesting to say. For the price you pay, it's alright. Nothing unusual. :)
  3. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    coz coolababy cheaper than bum wear and my friend say she bought coolababy instead coz cheaper and material the same as bum wear...

    as i did not try both at all so ask around... coz at first wanna buy bum wear, but feel its quite exp... so hold on a bit as baby still small to use the one size diapers...

    hope to get more reviews... thanks!
  4. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    Actually, I feel that the material for Bumwear is better than the Babyland diapers.

    In the long run, I'd rather stock up on Bumwear more than on Babyland - apart from their fabric quality (good soakers - the Babyland ones feel a little thin for me, stay-dry inner layer, no smell after months and months of use, etc) they have good customer service, and if I'm not mistaken, Rita can help you with certain repairs to the diaper, but that's just me.

    I know of some friends who will stock up on Babyland or Coolababy because it's cheaper. Whatever suits you and your budget!
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  5. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    u mentioned that u use babyland in the morning, how long can it last before u need to change? then what do u use at nite?
  6. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    HOw many cloth diaper to inserts do u recommend to buy??
    1 cloth diaper to 2 inserts?? or??
  7. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    Anyone interested in buying Babyland cloth diapers??? I am interested in buying some, but i found a seller selling at $10 with free normal post (1 diaper cover + 2 insert) (usual price $14 excluding shipping cost) , but there is a min quantity which i can't meet, therefore asking around if there is anyone who would like to share with me...

    extra inserts can be bought at $4 per piece, 10 piece and above = $3.50 per piece

    If interested, please email me at
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  8. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    Babes, I can ask my babysitter's daughter-in-law if she's interested in getting some coz she spoke about moving to CDs the other day for her newborn.

    To answer your question, buy CDs that bundle the cover with at least two inserts. That way you can use the diaper into toddlerhood. How many depends on whether you're diapering full-time and how often you plan to wash.
  9. xicloudix

    xicloudix Member

    PLease ask her and let me know. thanks!

    I bought some same from this seller to try before, so far so gd, therefore i would like to buy more and he is selling quite cheap....

    currently his package is 1 diaper to 2 insert.... but i intend to buy more insert, juz in case it does not dry fast enough... and if spare i can keep it or use 2 insert each time when my baby grows bigger... thanks for ur advise!
  10. chuaeil

    chuaeil Member

    Hi interested in the cloth diaper but is the material good. Never use before. Can advice? TQ
  11. mengyuan

    mengyuan New Member

    Hi dear mummies,

    I'm selling babyland cloth diapers. It is S$8/pc + 1 insert. Min. order 3 pcs for free local delivery. Please go to below link for more details.

    Baby Cloth Diapers -- S$8/pc + 1 Insert
  12. mengyuan

    mengyuan New Member

    How many diapers will I need?

    1st of all, you need to determine how often you will be doing laundry.

    With that in mind, here are some reasonable estimates about cloth diapers you will need:
    - Newborn to 4 months – 20-24 diapers
    - Infant (4 to 10 months) – 16-20 diapers
    - Toddler (10 months to potty training_ -- 12-16 diapers
    Please note quantities are based on an average sized baby and if you wash every other day.

    Cloth diapers are good for your baby's potty training.
  13. gggmb

    gggmb New Member

    Hi everyone, pls visit the original Babyland website before you start ordering coz apparently, there are some pirated ones selling in the market. Can see the website and they'l tell ya how to differentiate. I bought one recently at $8/pc and there were button snaps missing at the thigh area.
  14. kluv

    kluv New Member

    Hi there, I tried plenty of cloth diapers. I think coolababy is the best so far, price wise not very ex too. Quality and design similiar to moomookow.

    Each set comes with 2 inserts, 1 liners and 1 pants. Fabric is super soft and highly absorbent.

    Below is a link that I want to share with sg moms :D

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