Anyone using cloth diaper


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Hi,Please give your views on cloth diaper. Want to use it for my son but I am not sure which brand is good, for how long we can put cloth diaper to baby..any side effect pease share your experience..


Best to try a couple of brands or types of cloth nappies to see which suits you best. I've tried fitted nappies, all in ones, prefolds, and pocket nappies. In the end the pocket nappy system works best for us. I've tried brands but now I make my own pocket nappies so my daughter uses mostly my own brand.

I find changing nappies every 2-3 hours works for us :)


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I like to use cloth diapers and plastic pants for my daughter at night since the bulk of the cloth diapers won't bother her as much at night. But during the day I use regular disposable diapers.