Anyone who is interested to get free voucher when doing online survey?

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  1. Happydays-shop

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    Hi all,

    im also a sahm but most of my NTUC vouchers / robinson vouchers are from doing online surveys.
    If you are interested in participating in online survey to get points to exchange for free vouchers, please PM me your name and email, so I can refer you.

    Oh, the survey company is from Singpost. :001_302:
  2. Happydays-shop

    Happydays-shop New Member

  3. Judy

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    I dun mind doing the surveys...btw how much is the vouchers that will be offered per survey? :)
  4. cbb

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    Hi, please email me..thanks.
  5. shinexuan

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  6. Happydays-shop

    Happydays-shop New Member

    Hi, have sent the invitation to your email.
    pls check your email and click on the link from singapore post.
    after register yourself to join the survey company, you just need to check on your email at all times for new survey.
    accumulate to 250points and you can redeem $5 ntuc vouchers, robinsons vouchers and other vouchers which are stated in their website.

    oh, there's another survey company is do survey and cash out money.

    For those who are interested, please try not to put down your email here to prevent spamming.
    PM me instead ya?
  7. shinexuan

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    Thanks Happydayshop. :)
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    Just a note that there is an underscore between the names in the email address.
  16. Juanyhai

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  17. heibee

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    I am interested too. Can email me at
    thanks so much.:)
  18. qween

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  19. lila

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    I'm interested too, please email me the link to
    thank u very much
  20. missy_fani

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