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  1. phoebe1262

    phoebe1262 New Member

    Good day everyone! Does anyone here try Copy10? My sister and I did and no regrets; We are able to monitor our children’s surfing habits, calls and etc.; right now Copy10 is offering 48 hours free, kindly check on Facebook on how to get a coupon that entails you for a 5 days free trial. Furthermore, It has many features(SMS, iMessage logs, Call logs, Photo logs, App usage logs, Contact logs, spycall, and live streaming SPYCALL) and the cheapest price ($4.99 for 10 days) in the market compare with other applications. This information can be read on these sites: facebookdotcomslashcopy10COM and copy10dotcom.
  2. charlotte125

    charlotte125 New Member

    Likewise here, this spy application ( Copy10) is a thumbs up, I've been using this app for a month now and very satisfied with their customer support and features; I can't ask for more.
  3. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    You don't need to pay anything now to spy your children.

    +Have your children going home after school? Consult their GPS position to be sure.
    +Perform an internet parental control on their phone
    +Keep track of messages exchanged, which can sometimes be dangerous

    Just install the keylogger at WWW.BOSSPY.COM on the iPhone, iPad or Android phone you want to spy.
    Search on Google the world "bosspy" to find this keylogger.

    After that you can receive directly by email the keylogger report contain all chat whatsapp, yahoo messenger, Skype
    capture also any passwords facebook, yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail etc....
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  4. frenzyrose

    frenzyrose New Member

    The free app is good, but it can ruin the target device much as they can see all the information on target to sell to another party, confidential stuff or pictures may leak on the internet. While in copy10 all information (is safe) are encrypted and with ssl.
  5. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    - BOSSPY Key logger is more safety than every spy wares and its FREE using.
    The Passwords recorded are sent directly by Email from the phone you spy, to your Email account.
    - BOSSPY Key logger doesn't capture any pictures from the device to store on his server.
    Its not like the other spy wares sell this option and kill the battery of the phone you spy.

    Only BOSSPY Keylogger is really invisible. dont't get caught, because you install a spy software not invisible.

    Take a few minutes today to Check if somebody spy already your phone.
    List of spyware not invisible like the seller announce on there website:
    Copy10, Hellospy, Innovaspy, Omegaspy, Mobile.spy, Flexispy, Spybubble, Ownspy, Vietspy, Mspy, iKeymonitor...

    Visit this link for the updated list How the spyware 1mole can be invisible? | 1mole - News & support

    Check out this news clip.
    Tracking cell phones is pretty easy these days. Take a few minutes to discover if somebody spy your phone ?


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  6. frenzyrose

    frenzyrose New Member

    Lets us all be careful with free app, they don't have any support , they give out free app but no support and you can't trust freedom without support; with copy10 (upgraded from copy9) it is more trusted and advanced and have thousands of likes ( fans) in Facebook.
  7. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    Dont trusted on thousands of like (Fans) in Facebook ...
    Anybody can buy on internet fake fans facebook for few dollars, to show there product look like famous.
    At the spy software is 100% Free and we answer your question within 48H.

    Check before to use any spyware or key logger to spy somebody if its really invisible.
    Visit this link
    Don't get caught by people you spy.:shyxxx:

  8. frenzyrose

    frenzyrose New Member

    As what I have said above free is good but we have to think about what is the catch? Copy10 is the best of all spy applications.
  9. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    Copy10 is the best spyware not invisible and not free :Dancing_tongue:

    Check before to use any spyware or key logger to spy somebody if its really invisible.
    How to detect if you have this spyware on your phone Visit this link
    How to detect the spy software Copy10? In the... | 1mole - News & support

    this application is not compatibe iOS 6.x . At bosspy its free, compatible 6.1 and really invisible spy software.
  10. frenzyrose

    frenzyrose New Member

    Bad software.. You go around and see they advertise for free. You can get in big trouble in identify theft, why you will lose your money, lose your bank information, your DOB and your life.. just my 2 cents . DON'T TRUST THESE GUYS PLEASE, if you want to spy, pay a little bit to be safe.
  11. AdelaS

    AdelaS New Member

    I just download the free trial of ikeymonitor. It is said to be the first spy software for iPhone. However, I have to pay after the free trial.
  12. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    This keylogger is not invisible after you install on an iphone iPad, iPod. dont't get caught by people you plan to spy.
    visit this link to check : How to detect the spy software iKeymonitor? ... | 1mole - News & support

    The Best keylogger for cell phone is at . (its 100% FREE)

    If you are satisfied about using, you can do a donation to the team develop that FREEWARE.
  13. blade86

    blade86 New Member

    i was trying to check Viber features on BOsspy it seems won’t work, I don’t know if the phone i am using or the Application it self, i heard many bad testimonials about bosspy having problem on Viber also. It already cost me $20.56 for the application and seem’s all i paid is useless.
    Can bosspy staff answer me!
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  14. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    Can you give the link here where you go to spend $20.56 to use a the freeware keylogger BOSSPY at ?
    the keylogger bosspy capture any text and send to you by email the report key logger. did you configure your email SMTP?
  15. suporwoden

    suporwoden New Member

    Isn't bosspy a free app? I would not recommend so-called free apps like bossy, it is new and there are lots of problems with the software. try some trusted ones like spybuble instead.
  16. sherry32

    sherry32 New Member

    Dont ever use this bosspy they dont have customer support. NO guarantee MONEY BACK !!!
    THE CUSTOMER SERVICE agent named me a " IDIOT" and when i ask for refund he threaten me to post my visa number on public.

    Read this article on Copy10
  17. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    I think you confuse with the spyware copy10. At the service and spy software is 100% free so they are NO refund money :red:
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  18. cuini2013

    cuini2013 New Member

    I have used bosspy and it is not really free and with many bugs, I would recommend you check some trusted ones on the market like Spybuble. Those free ones are full of bugs and not really free at all, more info: www dot monitoring-softwares dot com
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  19. bosspy

    bosspy New Member

    I think you confuse with the spyware Spybuble. At the service and spy software is
    100% free :red:
    if you think bosspy is not really free, give the link where you have to pay something for the freeware keylogger BOSSPY.
  20. Diaros

    Diaros New Member

    I download free keylogger from Spyrix.. it looks good to me.... however, I think its paid version would be more helpful to protect children.

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