Are there any medical insurance designed for pregnant women?

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by danchaofan, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. danchaofan

    danchaofan New Member

    Does anybody know any medical insurance designed for pregnant women? And then part of costs of pregnancy and delivery could be coverd by the insurance.
  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    i've asked before but heard that normally insurance will NOT cover delivery cost cos to SG government, women giving birth is a natural thing, so cannot claim... tt's what the NTUC agent told me when I asked abt the incomesheild... for other plan i not sure...
  3. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    My insurance agent was just telling me..Great Eastern covers pregnant women but complications rather than care but still worth it i think.I didnt take it up coz dunno if i wld be having any more kids.
  4. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    yup insurance only covers preg women when it comes to complication.. if i not wrong most com dont cover delivery fees.. :001_302:
  5. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    There's a T&C for those insurance that cover complications during pregnancy. The policy needs to be bought at least 1 yr before you concieve. [This is based on my research.]

    There are some existing policies that already cover, but we may not know. Check with your agent. :)
  6. CarolOng

    CarolOng Member

    Yes, wat stonston says is true. my hb is GE agent. I'm not trying to get biz here. jus sharing.

    for GE, the policy need to be purchase 10mths b4 you r preg. So the best time to buy is once you get marry or planning for a bb right after yr marriage.

    I personally feel that it's impt as i hv friends around me that benefit from this policy.

    eg, my friend was due but bb doesn't wanna come out. Admitted & induce twice in 2 days but still no signs of delivery. Hv to go for c-sect & stayed 6 days 5 nites in TMC. Bill 100% covered by GE.

    another friend. bb was in 38th weeks & contraction kicks in. bb's head is not down yet & thus hv to go for c-sect. a pity she don't hv the insurance to cover her bill. If not, it's considered as complications too.

    Both this cases happen jus last mth.
  7. danchaofan

    danchaofan New Member

    So if it is not normal vaginal birth, the insurance will cover the fee? If it is true, it is really worth to purchase it.
    Do you know how much a customer should pay per month to purchase it?

  8. nancy

    nancy New Member

    NTUC Incomeshield also has a similar plan. It also covers miscarriage & birth defects. I bought it last Oct after I had a miscarriage which cost me a bomb (then this type of insurance was not in place). It only takes effecty after 10 months. Iused to buy from AIA HealthShield and even my AIA agent also asked me to transfer to Income Shield instead becos of its benefits.
  9. veronica

    veronica Active Member

    AIA has such plan called global something and charge in US$.

    I enquiried before last yr before trying for #2.

    There is a window period like 10mths (i cant remember liao) before you can get pregnant if not its not payable.

    Basically it covers all your medical bills pertaining to your pregnancy be it natural birth or c-section.

    But there is a cap limit, if you exceed it, you have to pay the balance.

    I calculcated, its good if you can strike within the next 6mths after the coverage gets effective, if not, its nt worth the investment.

    Basically you are just paying and paying during the "window period" until you get pregnant.

    So you need to do your mathematics before deciding to get this policy.

    Just my opinion.
  10. CarolOng

    CarolOng Member

    Re: Are there any medical insurance designed for pregnant women?δΈ¶

    Basically there has got to be some kind of complication. Assisted delivery for eg. Use of forcep & vacuum are not considered. Elected c-sec are also not considered. Heard fm my Hubby he got a colleague's client case where the delivery is planned c-sec but still can claim as the mummy got some kind of complication ( I think is pre eclampsia) which gynae advise need to c sec.

    Price for this kind of medical plan is abt $200+ per yr from medisave, plus $20+ per mth using cash. Just to add on that pregnancy complication benefits is just icing on the cake for this plan, everyone needs to be well covered so that yr hard earned money will not go to the doctor one day. Disclaimer for above info on claims are based on GE as other companies hv different definitions on pregnancy complication, some are confined to only a few types.
  11. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    This is just what I'm looking for but when I spoke to the AIA agent yesterday, she told me the same as shared - they don't cover general maternity expenses and only those arising from complications. Haiz.
  12. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    I think recently Prudential also have, you might want to check it out........
  13. leelynn2006

    leelynn2006 New Member

    I got myself coverage at prudential tat covers me n baby from 16 weeks onwards!!
    When my baby is born, the insurance wil be transferred to baby as life coverage since I already have my own life insurance now!
    Great plan!

  14. sweetmommy

    sweetmommy New Member

    Never thought of this kind of insurance..though there must be some life insurance plan or medical plan covering pregnancy cases. Research online or consult with insurance experts. Can browse through stanc, dbs websites..they might have such plan.
  15. Gem2505

    Gem2505 Member

    yeap. I heard about prudential having a plan (think its something like prulink plan) from my agent. The plan will goes to baby when baby is born. auto-transfer litat.

    for some parents, whom afraid their baby "may" have complications or some rare dieases whereby insurer will not take in afterwhich, may want to get this plan. *touch wood* nobody want such cases. but just IN CASE.

    as for pregnancy and delivery time may have complications, can also claim from the insurance, but i think the amount claimable is very little only. coz if i nv rem wrongly, the monthly payment is also not alot.

    therefore u pay less = you get less.

    you may call their mainline n check this out.

    im planning to get this plan when baby is about 15 weeks. at least more stable already.

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