Art Rojak! - a series of $10 arts & crafts workshops

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Art Rojak!
is a community initiative by The Playtent to introduce and make arts accessible to the immediate community. By collaborating with like-minded artists from various disciplines, Art Rojak! was formed with the common goal of giving back to the community through arts education.

Each module is an hour long and costs just $10. 5 modules are held every Saturday for the month of October and November where participants can choose to do as many modules as they want, paying $10 per module accordingly. From handicrafts to acting, typography design to mural painting, circus skills to self-defence… the list goes on!

Various commercial art courses can be expensive and time consuming and require a significant amount of commitment. By creating these “tasters” – concise and precise modules – participants feel less burdened by time or money and can have the freedom to explore many different disciplines without the pressure.

The ultimate aim of Art Rojak! is to build a community of artists, educators and emerging artists who through the modules are given the opportunity and freedom to explore hidden talents or simply to just have a good time expressing themselves.

Visit today to check out all the modules available and book yourself a spot or two!