Asience Shampoo & Conditioner


i tried before, so-so....i am using SunSilk.

It may suit certain pple more coz everyones hair is different

So far sunsilk is best for my hair.

I always change shampoo to try which is best hahhha~~~can give u a rating of all the shampoos tat i have tried lols~~~

u can go for treatment shampoo like Loreal ones...they have those for coloured/dry/permed hair.


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Any try this? Good? I was thinking of changing to Asience cos my hair was dry from those permin, dying, etc...
i used Asience for awhile last time but after that i felt that it made my hair oilier than before so i switched back to Pantene.


Im currently using pantene. Was good so far but doesnt improve my hair condition.
Try sunsilk conditioner b4, its doesnt reali smooth out my hair. Will still get tangle after washing.
my hair was dry and I wash hair everyday, making it more dryer. how abt the herbal "ba wang" shampoo? anyone using?


Have been using it for quite a while.So far so good but I prefer the conditioner more as compared to the shampoo.