At what age do you think is best to get married?

I had seen people getting married at age 18 and also people marrying at early thirties.. i feel that the age 25-26 is the suitable age to get married?

Share your views mummies... hee


actually when u feel is the right time, then its the right time. i myself got married at 23 and gave birth that v year. but then i also know people who gets married at 18 very happy, not shotgun. and got friends marry first time at 40. it depends when u feel is the right time and whos mr right.


Around 27 - 30 for me :) Because normally at that age, most people are ready to settle down and financially ready.


It depends on both parties age.. if the guy is older than the gal n is matured enough to take care of her financially n physically, can consider to marry before age 25, if not, better to marry at late 20s. If wish to hv kids, better to marry before 30. Most imp thg is must find the right person to marry.


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I think maturity for both the partners is an important factor to consider and not only the age (no.) thingy. People can be of a good old ripe age yet can be childish and not ready for marriage. Some who are younger yet more matured (emotionally, socially, physically) and financially sound can have a blissful marriage.


We dated for 10 years before getting married. We got married when I was 28. And I'm glad that we had such a long courtship. I believe that if we rushed and got married early, the marriage would not have survived this long. Yes, maturity is very important. We both needed that 10 years to mature and even now, we are still learning from each other. And a marriage is an ongoing process, it does not end at the wedding. But rather the wedding is just the beginning of hard work.
any age will do as long as happy. sometimes due to too many considerations like age, career, readiness, savings, parents view, peers' opinion etc and in the end the best part was will never come back, so don't wait.


Age is not an issue. Most importantly is a couple must be financially stable, mature enough, know each other good and bad habits, characters thoroughly and ready to stay together etc.


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Don't think age my humble opinion.

The point is that you have to be really "prepared" if you really want to settle down & start your life with someone else.

Make sure you're financially, physically, independently and absolutely prepared to take that huge step.

Would totally encourage anyone into marriage as long as they feel they're truly ready and like it's the best decision they've ever made.

Otherwise, always always think twice.


If you managed to find the "right" guy and sure he's "right" for you, getting married at the age of 18 will not be an issue.

If you think he's "right" but not very firm with the believe, give each other some time... 26 to 30 years old seems reasonable.

If your "Mr. Right" did not appear till you are in your late 20s, then it's logical to get married only after you are 30.

The worst that could happen is when you rush into believing he's the one but end up divorce. As long as he's the guy that will lead you to happiness, go for it. How to define "right"... subjective... but basic guideline should be responsible, financially stable... not necessarily from rich or wealthy family... non-abusive... non-alcoholic... Sensible and caring... you can add more to the list as everyone's expectation is different.


not getting married is the best....haha:)

this is the advice i get from my senior colleague but it's too late for me


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At the end of the day, I think what matters is whether the person is right for each other and willing to work together. Getting married from 2 to 1, to daily living together, to children. It's a test of time and love for each other.