Avg wt of 4yrs old boy


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Gd day to all

Wld like to chk something with u guys. Tia

My boy is turning 4 in may and his ht is abt 110cm(measured at mrt stn). His wt is abt 12kg. I think he is underweight?

Care to share abt yr kids?

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hi Helpless,

according to the growth chart, he's consider slightly underweight...beside this..

is he eating alot and how are his eating routine...and also have to see his activeness..

for his height 4 yrs old at 110 is consider a norm thou...so can see that he's growing well...just need to pump him up abit on the weight esp if he's those very active type.


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hmmm.. is ur boy v small in build? cos i think 12kgs is pretty light for a 4yo.. my girl was 12 kgs when she was 1 yo... 2yo was 14kg.. cant really recall how heavy she was at 3 n 4 but i think abt 16-17kgs.. now at 6 she is abt 19-20kgs.