Aviva MyEasySaver


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I am new here, but I need to ask some pressing question with regards to Aviva MyEasySaver.

I was walking around Suntec City that day and one of the sales people from Aviva keep asking me to sign this plan say save $200/mth can get 3% returns.

I really signed but was doing some research online and chance upon this website. I read the details on the page and realise it is different from what the sales person say. I also read the Aviva webpage too.

This is the website link: https://interestguru.sg/insurance/insurance-product-directory/aviva-myeasysaver-review/

Can you all tell me is this product good? I just want to make sure it is principal guaranteed and I can get back my money. Or put in bank better?I thinking of cancelling it if its not good! Need to save money buy milk powder and send my baby to infant care :(

Thanks in adv!