Baby acne/rashes

At week 3, my baby started to develop pimple like bumps on her face. It's really heartpain to see my little Angela's face covered with blemishes. I read tat it is common for baby to hv acne due to the hormones pass fr mothers in womb. But it seems to get worse n I can't help but suspect could it be allergy.

i hv tried cleaning her face with warm cooled boiled water after every feed. But things hv not improved. I dun rem having this prob with my elder son.
can anyone share her experience with acne/rashes on face for new born?
Is it pimple like acne or a patch of redness? Both my son hv rough red patches on cheeks n chin. Doc say it is eczema. Due to hormone, I apply physiogel AI.
there are patches of redness and some pimple bumps which is like those cyst with white pus inside. besides applying cream, no other ways?


Hey rachelling, my lil girl has tt since week 2. A day before her 1st mth, there were even redness on her whole head... Heartpain. Brought her to see gp. He gave us some moisturisor to apply. Got subside.

I realise the redness is correlated to how much sleep she has. When she has not enough, she will keep rubbing her face against our shoulder... Also it will take longer for them to heal.

On side note, an old auntie ever told me tt if one has acne when they are bb, they will not have acne prob when they grow up!!!!!
Msck, doc gv moisturizer? So weird. Tot shd b some rashes or acne cr. anyway, my Hal's scalp also red! I think she is not getting good zzz cos of the redness. Mayb is itchy? Mine is more on one side of face cos I realize I always let her lie on that side against my chest for burping. So so heartpain! I also scared she will hv acne when she grows up! But now I more scared is allergy!
Bye, mcsk, saw fr another thread tat u stay in wl. Me too! Where do u stay? I stay very near causeway point, about 5 min walking distance fr it!


My girl also has acne and rashes during the first 6 weeks. My CL told us to buy Jin Yin Hua from the medicinal hall and use that to shower baby (don't use baby shower gel when using this). Ask the people at the hall and they should know. The rashes / acne did clear up.


I asked tt doc wat is that. He said tt cream is very mild antiseptic moisturisor. So will not be too strong. At first i was abit wary. And after 2 days, it worked fine. so i am ok. Anyway, doc said tt's bb acne. Tt's wht at the t-zone.

Same same!!!! Scalp too!!!! Esp when she's angry n not enough rest!!!! Red in patches. N doc said cannot apply any cream!!! Tell me dun worry... Those will subside. Luckily those dun look so oily n did subside... She looked red on her 1 mth birthday. =(

And now when she got enough rest n i apply twice a day, her face is getting better.

I stay near the christ church!!! *wink*
najwee, you mean use the jin yin hua to clean baby's face? or bath the whole body? cos the acne is on the face currently. my mil also went to the chinese medicine hall to get dunno what white powder. after i feed baby, i will clean her face with water then apply the powder. it looks ok. but still there. I think mayb heat also plays a part cos i realise in the noon the acne seems to be worse than at night.

MSCK, i really hope my baby's face will be better on her first mth! so many pple coming to see her! heehee, we are staying within 2-3 km away from each other!


Woohoo.. We can form a woodland 2012 mummy community!

N i agree!! It's heat related. Mom said some of those are heat rash. Only those like pimple looking ones are bb acne. At night w air con n early in the morning usually she looks ok with a few red dots. But by noon, esp hot afternoon, she will have a few more....


my bb used to hv those pimple pumps with white pus when he was like a month old... i juz clean/ tap with clear water during bath time morning and/or night time before bed... when i gets better i used a bit of jj moisturizer n applied on his face n it went off like in one or two weeks time...

i didnt consult any doc since it went off otherwise i would hv... i think it's due to hot n humid weather n my bb might hv 'oily' skin... till now his skin/ face is back to baby skin type :) i continue to put moisturizer every time after bath once per day, so far so good no more pimple :)


Can try physiogel. My bb had the redness initially..saw doc, he say juz leave it as the more u apply the worst it will be. But physiogel is bery mild and can be.applied on face. So far it did help. Try.not to apply antibiotic cream and.all.unless really necessary...
hey ladies, my mil went to buy starch powder and apply to baby's face. the face became better!

What we did was I clean her face with warm water after every feed and then apply the powder at the affected area. the redness and rashes went down a bit day by day. I think the starch powder so called prevented the face fr being oily and thus prevent further flare up. can go try!


Recently my girl just got on her whole face .. two super red patches n seems v v itchy for her .. my mum use "wang li hua" .. those little white flowers used for offerings for buddha ..

At first i stop her from doing so as i scare will worsen the situation but guess what .. after rubbing on her face for 3-4days .. completely recover ..
my boy develop red pimple alike spots and some are with pus mostly around cheek area just a few weeks old.

i realise that condition worsen in the noon , and i can see that his face is oily. i only clean with water because i thought they are living comfortably in our womb and the condition outside is too harsh for them to take.

my hubby install aircon in the hall just for baby since baby spend more time in hall during day and it did gets better.