Baby crying when I am cleaning his ear


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Hi when I am cleaning left ear of my baby he is crying with is right ear he is okay...can anyone facing same problem,what should I do....consult with his normal baby doctor or I should visit to ent specialist.....plz help


did u notice any foul smell on his left ear, any discharge or he keeps scratching the left ear?
How long has it been like this?Was he okie in the past?
If you do,maybe can bring to ENT specialist. probably ear infection.Because if u bring him to see paeds,and there is ear infection.The paeds will still refer to ENT to clear the discharge.


Hey thanks, all owhy meet up with much wax in ear thatz why
Do you use cotton bud to clean his ears?Better not do that,as you are pushing more wax into the ear.What you can do is to bring him to see ENT twice a year to clean up the wax.