Baby doesnt open mouth for solid


Dear mummies,

Need your advise on this. I have started solid for 6 mths old baby. I feed her 1 time porridge (afternoon) 1 time cereal (evening) other than that she is feeding on formula. The problem is when we are feeding her porridge, she will not open her mouth when the spoon is at her mouth. Only when we managed to give her the 1st mouth, then she start to open her mouth when we place the spoon infrt of her. After a while she will sealed her lips tight and refused to open. She doesnt like the food or she is not ready for it? We have been trying for like weeks. Sometimes she will make the puke action and show us. Whereas feeding cereal is much easier. She seems to prefer cereal. She will open her mouth automatically.
May be she is not liking the taste of the food. You should try to change the flavor. Also some kids take time to eat solid food.


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Hello, Too many new tastes and textures can be too much for a small baby. To help him ease into eating solid foods, begin with one new food every 2 to 3 days. This will give him time to get used to the new tastes and textures and decide which ones he likes. Adding one new food every 2 to 3 days gives you time to notice if your baby has an allergy or intolerance to that food. Don’t offer your baby a new food when he isn’t feeling well, begins taking a new medicine, or has just been immunized. That way, if he has a reaction, you will know that it wasn’t caused by the new food. Best Wishes Michel Jone


I will give her 1 week trial like fish porridge for one week and try to add some veggie into it the nxt week and so. She seems reluctant to open her mouth =( whereas cereal she will open her mouth more.


My daughter is like that too! She is 11 months now. Only recently she starts opening up her mouth when we spoon feed her.. We did baby led weaning so she fed herself from 6 months, but sometimes it is just convenient to spoon feed some foods.

Also she refused to eat porridge until about a week ago.

I think babies are always changing...keep trying, they will get there... Even if they don't it's ok, let them feed themselves. Food is just for trying out flavours and textures so it is ok if they don't eat.