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    Hi my baby girl is 2months already, she has started get an eczema after 1 month. I bought sudocrem which said it work for healing eczema, after i apply once, it since improve a bit, however next day it doesn't work anymore. Does anyone has that problem? Any good method? My baby has red rashes on her face, itch and dry
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    Hi Alvingigi,
    We highly recommend Weleda Baby brand. This brand is very well-known in Europe and USA (the company is Swiss and was funded in the 1920s!). All the products are made in Germany or Switzerland. The whole range contains calendula flower extracts. Calendula has anti-inflammatory, healing and softening properties. So it's recommended for very sensitive skin such as baby's skin. In 2009, Weleda Baby was awarded 'highly recommended' in the category Best Eczema Range in the Natural Health and Beauty Awards 2009 in the UK.

    Weleda Baby product range includes face cream, bodywash, shampoo, lotion, soap free bath oil, and diaper care cream. So a full range for you to choose from. You can find them at the following website: or Sunflower, City Square Mall, Unit B1-12A (Farrer Park MRT).

    Our products contain only natural and organic ingredients, are dermatologically tested and suitable for vegetarians.

    Check your baby's bodywash and shampoo ingredients. Note that chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) are skin irritants and can aggravate skin problems.

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    My gal has eczema too. on her neck, cheeks, and "folds" on her arms n legs. Was very bad. red n "weepy", meaning wet to touch.
    We brought her to doc, and applied antiseptic wash n cream which soothe her. very effective. my adv, to bring her to doc.
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    i have some bamboo towels for sale. i think it's a nightmare for an eczema bb to shower.. bamboo towels are luxuriously soft, super absorbent n durable. my bb gal absolutely likes bathtimes. i'm sure it'll prevent irritation n abrasion to the delicate skin. pls PM me if int. i've got bamboo towels n washcloths squares (pack of 3)..
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    Hi alvingigi and JPng mummies,

    My son has pretty severe ezcema as well since 2 months old till now. But I found a balm in Australia that worked wonders for his condition. See the thread I started regarding this:

    One of the mummies who has already tried this balm (Christie06) also found that it helped her daughter's condition tremendously. If you want to try this Propolis Balm, just PM me.
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    Hi Alvingigi, I highly recommend the Weleda brand as ginko suggests. I was in Europe last June and my daughter had skin problem. She even had a very dry patch on the face. I put the Weleda Baby Face cream and it was gone after a couple a days. I just put it in the morning and evening on her face. So I didn't apply much and it worked wonderfully.
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    Enjoy up to 20% discount on our natural baby skincare products!
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    My beauty online shop is carrying this range of products specially for eczema skin from Korea. It is also suitable for children and babies. The Atoregen range comes in 3 steps treatment, which is a wash, serum and moisturiser. If you are interested, do drop me an email at for enquiries. Thanks[​IMG]
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    It's more important to find out the root cause of the eczema.
    No miracle product can heal eczema if baby is constantly being exposed to the irritant.
    My boy's severe eczema on his cheek disappeared after we realized it was triggered by soy. No special cream could get rid of it (we tried loads). By eliminating soy from my diet (due to breastfeeding him), problem solved.

    Read more here: 29 Tips to Fight Baby's Eczema | Mummy's Reviews
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    Like hay fever and asthma, eczema is caused by allergy. The allergic reaction may be to a food in the diet or a material, like wool or silk, that comes in direct contact with the skin. Eczema is more common in children who have a family member with either eczema or related illness such as asthma.

    Treatment: The single most important thing that parent can do is to keep the skin well moisturized, using a plain moisturizing cream (one with no dye or fragrance) SEVERAL times a day. As your doctor or a pharmacist to suggest one. Many cases are much improved by lotions and ointments alone.

    Use soap as infrequently as possible, since it robs the skin of oils. Bath should be in warm but not hot water and it should last about ten minutes; if mush shorter, the skin does not have time to soak up the water, if much longer, the skin can become overhydrated and itches more. when drying your child after bath, pat the skin dry. Don't rub with towel. The best time to apply moisturizer is within 3 minutes after a bath.
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    Starting Support Group for Parents with Eczema Children


    I'm starting a support group for parents like us with eczema children.
    If you like to join, do fill in the form on my blog, While filling in the form, deeply appreciate if you can check the box indicating that you are ok for the brief information to be published on my blog so that other parents can get to know you (and you know them when they do the same). The information to be filled is brief and you can see the sample here. [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]In the meantime, do poke around my blog for a little while and view some of the tips I've compiled below and not forgetting my ebook A to Z Animals are not scratching! epicturebook, which is yours for free when you fill in the form. Hope to get to know you![/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Marcie Mom Top 10 Eczema Tips[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Top 10 tricks to keep baby’s fingers busy[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Top 10 reasons why parents with eczema child have a tougher time[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Top 10 Cooling Places to go with your child in Singapore[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Top 5 tips to help your eczema child sleep better[/FONT]
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    Dear mummies,

    I have just ordered in another batch of Propolis for my son and I have some extra bottles. Anyone interested, just PM me. Cheers!

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    Like to update all Singapore parents with eczema children - there's now an eczema fund for low income families, do check out the link below and if you feel for it, do donate to the fund. My seed donation may not last that long if the response is overwhelming, so appreciate those who can afford to also help those in need - imagine your child living without moisturizers!
    First Eczema Fund in Singapore | Eczema Blues
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    Hi! My little nephew (then 5 months old) whom I frequently take care of had relatively bad eczema. Doc said it was atopic dermatitis, due to some allergy. Even after trying different lotions and balms, nothing seemed to work. Was getting quite worried till my friend recommended me emu oil. After regular application for a few days, his eczema began to clear up. You can check out this site Baby Eczema Types Treatments Singapore | Emu Oil Natural Remedy | for more info on that cos i'm not an expert on this :p:p:p

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