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  1. HoneyLicious

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    hi mommies.. my boy gags/wanna vomit at everything i put in his mouth except for warm water or breast milk.. is this normal?? so far he's eating cereal and porridge well but at the starting 1-3 spoon he always gags, and when i let him try other food he always gags too.. my mom accused me of starting the solid too late at 5.5months!!!

    my mom kept giving him small pieces of biscuit/cakes/ice cream to let him taste.. in the end he vomits.. my mom like not happy she said at this age he should be able to swallow soft bread etc.. is this true???
  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    there was a time ds also lik tt! but he is more on the feeling full type when he gag. tt time his appetite dropped alot so aft a few spoons of food he will vomit.

    is he ok with milk? if he is ok with milk but only behaves lik tt on solid food, mayb u shd bring him to pd, it could be sore throat. Just my guessing though.

    and i dun agree with ur mum that this is due to starting solid food at 5.5 mths. many babies started even later: at 6mth old but they are okay.

    and sidetrack abit, i think ur son is abit too early to try food lik cakes and even ice cream. =)
  3. meiteoh

    meiteoh Well-Known Member

    There could possible be two things that explains the gagging:

    1) He's full. Babies starting on solids DO NOT eat a lot - about 1-2 tablespoon - and they shouldn't as their main meal should always be milk and that it comes before the solid meal.

    2) He's not ready for solids. Babies who are ready for solid would have usually lost their gag reflex or lose it quickly upon introduction of solid food.

    Personally, I do not like your mum's approach. Babies his age SHOULD NOT be taking biscuit, cakes, ice cream or even soft bread (unless you want to encourage them to prefer sweet and sugary foods), especially if they are starting on solid food. Her reason is bordering on ridiculous stupidity! No offence.
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  4. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    I think introducing at 5.5 mths is correct. Old folks tend to start solids at 4 mths which could be ok for some kids but not all. It has also been recommended by doctors everywhere to start solids only at 6 mths or after.

    My son also gags. He gags at everything except porridge. They have to learn the concept of chewing.

    My baby started with baby bites and gerber puffs. It was only at 13 mths then he understood what it means to chew.

    Just keep trying to introduce but don't force. The first thing we got my son to do was to bite the biscuit and giving him bigger chunks of fish to chew. But all that was only done after 9 mths.
  5. camom

    camom Well-Known Member

    Is the food given too thick? I used to thin out the food with bm till it was really runny when introducing solids initially, and slowly thickening the consistency till it became pasty.
  6. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    some babies just learn how to chew later..even after age of 1.They r so used to watery consistencies of solids given tht they do not master chewing.So u cld either start giving lumpier consistency solids..n introduce baby biscuits just to get him chewing n gnawing.
  7. Ashbaby

    Ashbaby Active Member

    I would say tt ur baby is still not ready for semi solid food. Why dont u wait till 6 mth old. Actually there is no rush to intro semi solid food to baby. I dont agree that ur mom should intro small pieces of biscuit/cakes/ice cream. As ur baby cant even intake semi solid food well, dont even mentioned solid food.
  8. HoneyLicious

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    he's perfectly fine with milk. i don't think is sore throat cos i kept giving him warm water ever since he started on solids.

    yah i totally disagree with my mom!!

    hi.. my son actually gags at first spoon of EVERYTHING.. the other day we went out and my mom(again) gave him cold coconut water. the first few drops he gags already.. sigh

    he's already 7months plus now and still gagging.. this worries me.. at this age should be taking semi solids right??

    no worries!! i was against my mom giving him those stuff!!! she will quietly gave him then my helper would confess to me..

    anyway, for some weird reason my boy hates sweet stuff.. he's down with runny nose and those sweet syrup medicine caused gagging too.. so gotta mix it with porridge.

    you started your baby with baby bites??? i bought those teething biscuit and gave him recently as he's 7mth plus now.. and he gags too..
  9. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Yes I started my baby on baby bites and Gerber puffs.. Gerber puffs he gagged so I thought giving him baby bites, he would chew off what he wanted to bite on but that failed too.

    I think the first step is to see if your baby purses his lips to try to get the puffs or fruits that you feed him to melt. Once he learn that, he should learn how to chew soon after.

    It's ok Honeylicious. Just keep trying. Some babies do take longer to grasp the skill but they eventually will. So don't worry, as long as you're trying to teach him how to chew. :)
  10. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    dun wry, ds also dun lik sweet stuffs even until nw, 13mth old alrdy but when we let him try cakes during his 1st bday, he hates it and kept shaking his head. to my mum, she feels tt ds is v weird, dun lik sweet stuffs but to us, we are glad tt he dun lik. haha!
  11. HoneyLicious

    HoneyLicious Member

    thanks so much for the encouragement. will try again with the teething biscuit 1 or 2 weeks later..
  12. HoneyLicious

    HoneyLicious Member

    i felt weird too at first.. but deep down inside i'm kinda relieved :)

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