Baby girl vagina closing up

Discussion in 'Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old)' started by littlesheep, May 25, 2010.

  1. littlesheep

    littlesheep New Member

    Brought my girl for 6 mths checkup. pediatrician said i didn't clean her vagina properly so her vagina hole is closing up, i.e. sticked together.

    Told me to stretch it and clean with damp cotton wool then apply nappy rash cream.

    But my girl refused to let me clean cos it's painful i think.

    Any mummies has such experience & advice?
  2. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    huh, got such thing meh?? i think u better bring your baby to another PD.
    somehow feel that this PD makes no sense.
  3. sharonyi66

    sharonyi66 Member

  4. jojoki

    jojoki Well-Known Member

    wow din noe tis can happen.. later must chck my dd private part di... thanks fr the thread sharon... gd info... now mst rmbr clean properly..
  5. shespice

    shespice Member

    Oh my! Thanks for sharing. I have been more concern with keeping that area clean but never even knew such things can happen.
  6. littlesheep

    littlesheep New Member

    the PD even stretch for me to see...
    can see the hole after he stretch it opened.

    he said my girl's condition not serious.
    If not, there will be a special cream to apply.
  7. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    ouuuuch~ sounds so pain.
    well, at least its not serious, then i guess its a "good" thing as well.
  8. littlesheep

    littlesheep New Member

    ya..must be ouuuuch...
    that's y my girl refused to let me clean now..
  9. sharonyi66

    sharonyi66 Member

    try to clean as 'much' as possible to prevent further 'closing' else, as yr PD said if its serious, might need the special cream and by then, guess it will be more painful den now ba... really ouch..
  10. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Must keep it clean. I know of a girl who end up going for surgery to open it.
  11. littlesheep

    littlesheep New Member

    ya...will keep it clean.
    Must get my hb to hold on to her while i clean.
    can't handle her alone.
  12. fern

    fern Member

    my niece had surgery as well but it was closed all along (when borned). After surgery, everytime has to clean, stretch and apply cream - very very painful and she will scream every time. So in a way, it is good that you realise early
  13. drmoomoo

    drmoomoo Member

    I din know there is such thing... by the way, how to make sure the area is clean for baby??
  14. bibiluvr

    bibiluvr Member

    my mum did warn me before coz she heard of cases where they go for surgeries.. so when she came over, she'll regularly check coz i used to put desitin cream on my ger but now i no longer do that.. i have to hold my ger while my mum will soak cotton wool or sometimes cotton bud with warm water and clean up the area... i dun really dare to do it coz i'm afraid of hurting her..
  15. drmoomoo

    drmoomoo Member

    Actually, I only clean on the outside... do we have to open up the area to clean inside? Will we hurt the baby??:shyxxx:
  16. bibiluvr

    bibiluvr Member

    now I just check to see if there's residue of cream inside.. But I only apply baby balm on her buttocks now...
  17. fioncess

    fioncess Well-Known Member

    for mi i didnt really "pull it apart" i jus open it up slightly then i make the cotton wool ball real wet the i clean.
    another way i clean before shower without having to "open" up here area is her back towards mi (with mi sitting down) the carry her in a position like squarting then i clean her...
    as i put destin for her, the v area always got white white destin i also make sure evertime i change her i'll clean it away.
  18. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    when shower time i make it a point to wash her backside n vagina area well..must be real gentle ard vagina area as their skin is still so delicate
  19. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    my mum say me n my younger sis went through surgery to cut open.. but then she says we were born close. dunno if she remember correctly lol. but anyway for my girl, i did nothing special. i jsut clean normally. didnt really pull open to clean or watsoever..
  20. Pamper

    Pamper Member

    awwww.. i was so surprise as i nv heard of this before.. but really must clean up well.. my girl will always gets the mustela cream in her private parts too.. must be careful.. i've got 2 girls! ^^

    like my younger girl.. so had these white translucent discharge from her body too.. then the doc n nurse says it's just bacteria in their body when they r inside us.. n i always clean it.. so it's ok.. but my sis-in-law nv open up n clean so she don even know.. until it's too much n can c from outside then she realise.. could it be that thing that close up the private part?

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