baby only suckle for few mins.. and then fall asleep

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  1. hi mummies.. i have a serious problem here..
    my baby is only 4 days old and he only suckle for like 10 mins and fell asleep.. tried many ways to wake him up but he just cant wake up.. then he will wake up in an hour to drink again..
    so far he wets his diaper 5 - 6 times.. pass motion 4 - 5 times per day..

    my hubby told me to try let him suckle for at least 30 mins so that he wont wake up every 1 hour to drink..

    help pls :(
  2. Edwinie

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    from how much wet and soiled diapers your baby have, it seems fine to me.

    my son during the first 2 weeks feed every 1 to 1.5 hours. it was really tiring for me... i feed until i have no strength (i had episiotomy, so sitting up to latch him was a painful event every single time) and i just asked my husband to make formula. but subsequently as he feed, he can suck and get more milk faster and feel full longer. so it became 2-3 hours in between.

    u can try waking him up by stroking his chin, calling his name, shaking his hand, changing his diapers, changing breast. it's ok if he falls asleep.

    your hubby say let him suckle for 30 mins. he will be pro if he can do it. during the early days my baby control me. haha!! anyway, WHO recommends demand feeding. meaning feed as and when baby is hungry.

    don't worry, your baby is only a few days old. there will be improvement! my baby used to fall asleep at my breast after a few minutes. when i fail to wake him up, i'll put him down. and then he will cry because he is hungry within 5 minutes. this cycle continues a few times. this is more frustrating than your baby who can rest 1 hour in between!
  3. your situation seems worst than mine..:shyxxx: haiz most importantly family support is very crucial.. me and hubby live with MIL, the sis and the bro.. and everyone of them seems to be against me breastfeeding my son.. saying dunno if i got enough milk anot coz my son look very thin.. then also say feed for 10 mins only... wake up every 1 - 1.5 hrs very troublesome.. i dunno if want to continue anot :(
  4. Edwinie

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    continue!!!! they are not u. let them say. even though my MIL and hubby casually mention they i should replace night feed with formula or sometimes when i bring my pumped milk to the kitchen to store, they will mention why so little in a casual manner. i just ignore. i know my body the best. i have enough for my baby.

    as long as they are growing well, it's ok. just go for checkup and let them know your child is within which growth percentile. at least put them at ease also.

    my son is not fat initially. now his thighs are getting bigger and got increasing folds. haha! your baby is still very very young and there are so much growth potential. just continue and give your baby the best. once u stop or cut down, it's hard to get back.

    feed 10 mins only means he can suck efficiently and your milk flow fast. wake up every 1-1.5 hours is troublesome for u, not them. u don't complain about it why should they?

    hope it gets better for u!!
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    It is difficult when family makes discouraging comments, even now after my boy has gotten clean bill of health from PD at each checkup and is drinking milk well, my father in law keeps asking me if I want to feed formula and recommending to feed soy-based formula. I just tell him that PD says baby is doing fine and I will continue to bf exclusively as long as I can. It seems for their generation they are all used to seeing formula-fed babies that are big and plump so bf babies will look skinny in comparison.

    Stay strong and have confidence in your body to provide what your baby needs. Like Edwinie said, initially will have to feed frequently and will seem more troublesome but it will get better as baby becomes more experienced. During confinement is usually the most difficult time 'cos you are tired and recovering from the birth (that combined with nagging from relatives really made bf seem like an impossible task but I'm stubborn so I just ignore and continue to latch on baby with the encouragement of my pediatrician).

    Just focus on your baby and do what you feel is best.
  6. Edwinie

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    i read a news article about a village in indonesia. their new born babies and toddlers tend to get sick easily. And milk powder companies market their product and gave them the impression that it's better than breastmilk. and so the whole village drinks formula. but the government came in and pass a law for them to breast feed. imagine that! i read it on channelnewsasia. the ignorance of people of how good breast milk is!
  7. thanks for the replies :001_302:

    so yea.. i am trying my best to ignore all the negative comments.. i just stay in my room 95% of the time.. since everytime when i bring baby out, they always say aiyo so thin.. look at the legs.. look at the hands, dunno drink enough milk anot etc.. so sick and tired of those comments.. argh !!

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