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Baby shower venues sg

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  1. Cutea108

    Cutea108 New Member

    Hi guys i'm Len from nyc. i'm planning a suprise baby shower party for my dear friend who lived in singapore..
    Since i'm miles a way from singapore i'm asking help from you guys :)(expert on this).i'm looking for a great should accomodate atleast 50 persons and we can do some games or open gitfs, etc..
    any ideas,suggestions or opinions are well appreciated.
    Hope all is well :)
    len :)
  2. Cutea108

    Cutea108 New Member

    Hey mummies,
    Any suggestions or recommendations?
    Pls share :) thanks
  3. engravedx

    engravedx Member

    Don't think it's really advisable to plan it as a surprise.. Your friend might already have plans to host her own baby shower? Furthermore, it's bb's full month celebration. Most of the time will invite close friends and relatives. Plus give out cakes and red eggs. If you're planning it as a surprise, it's kind of hard to organize all these..

    Perhaps you can bring her out for a meal together with close friends instead, to celebrate the end of confinement? Baby showers tend to be more personal so it's really kind of hard (and weird) to be planning it as a surprise for your friend. Also, you got to consider the fact that she might not even want to have a baby shower as it can be quite tiring having to entertain guests and take care of a month old baby.

    Since she would have just finished her confinement, you can bring her out to feast on all the food she was denied of during her pregnancy. Buffet would be an excellent idea. You can try Carousel at Royal Plaza, there's lots of good reviews on it. But advance reservation will have to be made! And it's quite expensive...

    If you still decide to go along with the surprise baby shower, I don't really have any suggestions but what I will advice is NOT to host it in a chalet. The older generation people will not like the idea of it as chalets are mostly considered "dirty" and babies are really very sensitive to it.

    All the best! ^^
  4. felicity

    felicity Active Member

    if i'm not wrong.. western baby shower is not a full month celebration but is a party thrown before the mama goes for labour? they throw parties when the mum's pregnant, some even have "gender reveal parties" which sounds really fun! i dont know why we don't have... lol...

    cutea i think maybe you can try booking a chalet instead of venues like restaurants etc? if you want more freedom? and then you can bunk overnight as well... save one night's hotel $$ :p
  5. Cutea108

    Cutea108 New Member

    @worthy lady thanks for the reply but i think we celebrate our baby shower by cultures.we only celebrate or give a baby shower one time only and it's before the mother gave birth.i heard about the carousel at royal plaza it seems a nice restaurant.
    i know its really hard to do a surprise baby shower and its my first time doing it and i'm not based in i'm trying to contact her closest friend in singapore to pull this one out.well its the thought that counts right :001_302:

    to all the mommies out there any suggestions or recommendations?? :)
    PLS share :)
  6. tsilli

    tsilli New Member

    Hi Lea, that's really sweet of you! How about House at Dempsey? They have a vintage style tea buffet every Thursday and Friday. Do check their website for more details:
  7. Cutea108

    Cutea108 New Member

    @tsilli thanks for the reply..well thats are friend are for right? :)
    is there any other suggestions? i sent an email to their website.i haven't receive any email.
  8. engravedx

    engravedx Member

    Ohhhh. I thought your baby shower meant full month celebration for newborn. Oops!

    If that's the case, chalet would be fine. Can stay overnight as well, your friend will be able to rest and won't be so tired. If it's for 30pax and above, can try booking at Aloha Loyang as it's quite big for the bungalows. Has 4 rooms, 2 queen size beds and 4 single beds in total. Shower room in every individual room plus a common washroom. There's even a kitchen, dining area and living room where u will be able to host your games and stuffs as it's quite anbig area if u move away the sofas and tables. Then you can cater buffet, would recommend you neogarden for that. Their food is not bad. There's a bbq pit available as well. ^^
  9. engravedx

    engravedx Member

    Actually I heard quite a lot of bad reviews on the service there and that they are not very helpful in helpijg you plan events. You can still give it a try though cos the ambience is really not bad. :)
  10. leapnbouce

    leapnbouce New Member

    Hi I got a bouncy castle for rent detail as follows:-

    Party Bouncy Castle for Rental – fits most HDBs and small gardens
    4-in-1 bouncer: Bounce, slide, ball-pool, and a basket hoop
    Dimension: 3.0m (L) x 2.8m (W) x 2.1m (H)
    Suitable for child 2 to 5 years old
    Maximum load: 136kg
    Maximum players at one time: 4
    Requires electrical outlet for air blower for continuous airflow
    Comes with colourful air-filled balls in the ball-pool section
    4 hours of bouncing fun at $200 only includes: delivery, set-up and removal
    Do contact me at if you are interested.


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