Baby tends to turn right side


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Hi Mummies. I noticed that my 3.5 months old boy tends to turn his head to his right side. He is able to turn his head left and right but tendency is right. even when sleep. PD checked that his muscles on his left neck is stiffer. The right muscles is more flexible so he prefers his right.

His back of the head is also more flat on the right, behind the right ear.

Any mummies has this experience ? We are so worried? Please advise.
Thank you


Maybe try tummy time during the day and place a toy to his left. In the beginning my daughter also faced one way while sleeping, but after a while she started turning both sides. I do think they have chiropractors for babies, but maybe wait till he can hold his head up on his own and see if it changes.


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A little stiffer means baby may have torticolis. It can be cured with regular and safe exercises. My dd quite serious but we cured her :) you can read my earlier posts.
when baby is sleeping tilt to the other side. Try to ask baby to turn the other side by sitting on that side.. This is one of the exercises too.....

Good luck!


Same for my boy. We are now encouraging him to turn left more often. We let him sleep tummy time facing the left too.. Hope things get better when he begins to sit up right..


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My kid used to have the same problem when he was a newborn. U can try to shift his head to the left when his head is facing right during sleeping. Tummy time also helps as well. During tummy time, u can use a toy(with sound) to catch his attention and guide him to shift his head to left and right.