Baby's 1st birthday party venue

Discussion in 'Travel & Leisure' started by kireipiggy, May 23, 2011.

  1. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

    Hi parents,

    Where do or did you host your baby 1st birthday party? Actually I prefer NSRCC but very hard to book :(
  2. eurostar

    eurostar Member go check my date fri/sat all fully booked :(
    or is it blocked for members?
  3. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

    It's fully booked :)
  4. babycar

    babycar New Member

    Try looking here:

    Singapore for Kids - Easy Birthdays

    I hope it helps..
  5. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

  6. eurostar

    eurostar Member

  7. Jennifer98

    Jennifer98 New Member

    I think cupcakes are quite cute for baby's first month!
  8. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

    Yes, had tigger cupcake for his 1st month so wanna do without cupcake for his 1st birthday :)
  9. beatrice tsu

    beatrice tsu Member

    I propose East Coast Park Pasta Fresca Salvatore since its kid’s gathering. Party can be held either indoors or out. Venue can accommodate up to 30 (including children and parents).
  10. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

    Hi Beatrice, thanks for the input :)
  11. mommsie101

    mommsie101 New Member

    what about holding the party at home ??
  12. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

    That's what i just did recently for my boy as hubby & myself can't get the preferred venue :)
  13. eurostar

    eurostar Member

    definitely not at home as no maid to clean up the place after the party ....
    shrtlisted polliwogs :)
  14. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

    Ya true, alot to tidy up if you intend to theme up the entire house. We did minimum - just some banners & balloons :)
  15. eurostar

    eurostar Member

    do min still need to clean up....
    now shortlisted 3
    cheapest >>>atlantis city
    most expensive>>>>amazonia
  16. kireipiggy

    kireipiggy New Member

    Yes, the usual mopping of floors you mean?

    How's your child's party preparation?
  17. eurostar

    eurostar Member

    already booked and invitation send out from next wkend par-tee bash :)
  18. mommsie101

    mommsie101 New Member

  19. JHeyw

    JHeyw New Member

    we are relatively new in Singapore - 18 months… any birthday party places around east coast or even near river valley that people have been to?

  20. christinem

    christinem New Member

    East coast you can just rent a bbq pit and a tent. It a nice place to just chill out with family and friends.. :)

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