baby's doctor

1.pediatrician is it mean baby's doctor?
2.Usually after delivery, the baby will have a doctor attached right? Then after delivery, still need to bring the baby to regularly visit the doctor? Like when we are pregnant we regularly visit our gynae?
3.And what are the charges like for these baby doctor? Maybe a rough estimate will do, or a range. Cos I know different doctors differ in their charges.


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Yes, PD is specialist doc for children/baby.
All babies have an assigned doc at hospital after delivery, and for followups. But u can choose ur own fav PD or one near ur place for convenience sake. In general, U bring baby there for jaundice (during 1st mth) and/or health assessment cum vaccinations.
Consultation price has increased fairly over this couple yrs.. Neighborhood to popular clinic can range from $40+ to $60+ , or more for famous ones.
Hope this helps :)


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Yes Pediatrician is what we usually call 'baby doctor'.
Yes all babies will be seen and checked by a pd after your delivery.
You will have to bring the baby back to the pd for a checkup when baby is ard 1 week old, the pd 's clinic assistant will arrange and inform you the appt date/time.

Actually if the first checkup is okay (e.g. no juandice or juandice level is going down), usually dont need to go back regularly except their compulsory injections. For injections, other than going to a pd, you can also go to a GP who you are comfortable with or go to polyclinic. For polyclinic, just call up and make appt and a nurse (not dr) will do the injection for the baby and a dr will give baby a checkup.

USually for first checkup with PD, the consultation itself usually cost ard $6-90, subsequent consultation will be ard $4-60, depending on the pd's charges. But during the first visit, be prepared to pay more for certain tests, like juandice blood test. I rmb my son did an optional blood test too (i forgot what is it called) and it costed ard $100++ iirc.. So it is better to prepare to pay ard $3-400 during the first visit (inclusive of juandice blood test, the optional blood test and consultation fee). =)