Baked Eggplant


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add mixed herbs (bottled) with the steamed mashed up
top the eggplant on top of the porridge
lay chicken shreds on top
add cheddar cheese
bake for 15mins


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WOW! this receipe comes in time...was thinking of how to cook eggplant..

what sort of mixed herbs? can this be omit since i intend to give my 10mths ds?


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i used those bottled dried mixed herbs. but i think use fresh herbs (like basil) will be better. but of course can omit if you don't want to add that.

i read that herbs can be used sparingly for babies 9 months and above. (hey my boy is 10 months going 11 months too :001_302:)


Slice it lengthwise with the skin on.

Layer the slices between paper towles.

Either salt them well or soak them in milk.

Rinse or drain (either process removes the bitter liquid in the seeds)

pat dry...

Roast in the oven in olive oil with pepper on 400 degrees for about 20 to 30 minutes depending on how much you have?

Take out and eat as is, skin and all on some crusty bread with roasted red peppers and roasted garlic cloves or red onion & some really good Parmesan slivers.

OoOoOoOh Yummy! Makes a great sandwhich!