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Discussion in 'Travel & Leisure' started by Carole, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Carole

    Carole Member

    Anyone has any recommendations for "clean" couple massage in Bangkok?
  2. LWP6998

    LWP6998 Alpha Male

    i think any of those on the streets are okie bah... just don't venture to the ulu ulu ones...
  3. nancy

    nancy New Member

    My hubby and I went to this established and look high class (but not very ex) massage place called the Healthland spa. check it out at the following website.
    Health Land Spa and Massage, Bangkok Spa and Massage, Thai Spa

    The one at Sathorn is probably the nearest to the city. My hubby & i went there before (at least 2X) and we simply loved it!! Definitely cheaper than Spore spa though a bit more ex than the normal foot massage you find along bangkok streets. Really worth checking it out.. sure wont regret one :>
  4. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    wow~ looks good.
    i also wanna go thai~~~~~~~
  5. nancy

    nancy New Member

    Ha ha.. I used to go to Bangkok once every yr for eating, shopping (the wholesale mkts are fantastic!) and massage.. Now with a baby.. very difficult. But I'm aiming to go there next yr with my girl if possible!! :>

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