Base Shaper for Longchamp, Louis Vuitton - CloverSac


CloverSac Base Shaper Board helps to provide support for the bag and to keep things organized inside. Unlike other base shapers, Clover Sac Base Shaper is designed to be not too stiff to avoid damaging the corners of your precious handbags but just hard enough to keep your bag in shape.

1. Shape up your bag
2. Protect it from stain
3. Easily removable for Cleaning
4. No worries of colour transfer to your bag
5. Extremely Light Weight
6. Not too stiff that to avoid damaging the interior of your handbag

Our Base Shaper is super light and is available for the following brands Compared to other base shaper, we are 50% lighter

Longchamp - 2605, 1899, 1623
Louis Vuitton - Neverfull MM, GM, Speedy 35 ,30, 25

Price: SGD$8.00
Cheapest in Singapore

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