BB cream


i personally like the 1 from watsons... blue words white backgrd tube...i think its $49? or $39?
so far i havent tried others though... hahahah
but use BB creme i still got put sunblock 1st....


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icic, thanks! i ve been to sasa n seen a few kinds.. n also to etude house...
also taiwan products from online...
still choosing..... :)


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How to remove? Need to use makeup remover?
Hi mskathy,

Yes, it would be best to use a make up remover to remove bb cream applied to ur skin to remove it thoroughly from your face.. Also to prevent blemishes and outbreak that may occur to skin, esp sensitive skin..

Hope this helps!


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recently i bought a new product baby cream,
after i use it i find very good & useful,
no need to wear make up & the color it's natural,
and very easy to apply...:shyxxx:
hihi.. how do we remove it? do we use makeup remover or normal cleanser?


i'd like to try bb cream too but nt sure which brand is gd.. so many now in e market, even maybelline n silkygirl also hav! any recommendations? my t-zone's oily but nt too oily n im looking to try one which costs less than $30..


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i 1 2 try too...any specific brand or maybe pics...? my skin is dry at times...any cheap but gd ones selling outside?:Dancing_tongue:


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i'm using Hanskin which my fren help me to get from Taiwan. I find it very mositurizing and provides sheer converage. It would be best to use a makeup remover if u r using BB cream.


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Can it cover dark eye rings??? coz i have got this eye ring problems... isit safe for the eye area?
The BB cream sure can. As I use Hanskin BB Caviar Gold cream on my face to cover my dark eye ring.... This Caviar Gold is more for fairer skin. But oil control not so good for me.

Hope it helps. :001_302:


I was using The Face Shop's Blemish Balm cream and the coverage is really good... Becuase it has SPF, my gf used it after I recommended her when she does her sea activities and the cream stays even after going into the water.

Now I am using Lancome's Blemish Balm Base with loose powder and it stays the whole day. The cream is really smooth so when you apply it to your face, there's no creases at all, not even under the eye. At night after you wash off, the face face feels very supple, like I've been applying moisturizer the whole day. The Blemish Balm cream is retrailing at $78 at the counters...

They have samples given out free at their counters so maybe you ladies can take a sample and try it out before buying it. I find the product really good because after washing off, my skin still feels moisturize which a lot of Blemish Balm cream cannot do + the high SPF allows me to skip sun block before I go out as sun blocks is too oily for my face...


ive tried the skin food bb cream...the one with aloevera...good coverage and nice smell....i didnt have any breakouts...
now im using maybelline bb for me too...easy to blend...nice coverage...price is very ok (S$16)...


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Hello all~

I have been using BB creams for 4 years and have tried quite a number of brands. I have to say people with oily skin (like me), apply bb cream somehow only serves as a spf agent + blemish cover + giving your face a glow. In terms of oil control, not very positive. No matter how the product claims that it is oil-free, make-up artistes tell me that bb-cream in general are not suitable for oily skin.

But I still use cause I lazy to buy spf, concealer, then apply cream foundation le still need to finish off with loose powder -_-.

BB Creams:

FaceShop (Green colour tube de ):
Pros: Nice smell, easy to spread, affordable
Cons: Minimal coverage for blemishes, turns oily after a while

Pros: damn cheap,very easy to spread,above average coverage.
In general I have to say this is a good product. BUT, if you have visible pores or big pores, you will find the bb cream clogging your pores to make your face feel smooth (no holes cux filled up with the bb cream). If you look really closely to the mirror you can see it. Personally I feel that it is clogging my pores la (psychologically) so I stopped using haha

Etude House:
OMG, DON'T USE IT! I am a fair skinned person and even after I apply, my face like pontiahnak. DAMNNN WHITE. And somehow after applying it can see pimples being covered by a layer or cream instead of concealing it. But have to admit, best smelling bb cream definitely goes to this

Bio Essence:
Can find in watsons, purple tube. Currently using this because don't want to waste. Takes more time to spread evenly but gives a subtle glow to my face. Looks pinkish :D. And reasonable coverage also! Affordable too!

the next brand i am going to try will be either Dr. Jart or the one from Kiehls.

PS: I am fair skinned so results may vary for tanner skin! My mum is more towards tann and the bb cream she has been sticking on for years is the one from faceshop. :)

Also, from my personal experience, bb cream not really suitable to cover undereye area. Somehow makes your eyes look even duller/purplish. So would recommend all lovely mummies and readers to buy a concealer one tone lighter than your skin tone. :)


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I use the one with sunscreen from Etude House and the pink colour tube one from Legere and I love both of them. I have one from The Face Shop but it's too thick and fair, and makes my face looks very white and wayang.


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Oh I didn know bb cream is also called baby cream.. Learnt something today! Good info in this thread. was looking for suitable brands of bb cream for my mum. she went to get the one at etude house, quite ex and it was too white for her. She is rather tan and with oily skin!