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Hi Mummy, Recently trying to marinate chicken wing for my BBQ party and found many wonderful tips and recipes from the website. [h=2]How to Marinate Chicken Wings for BBQ[/h]Other than being Singapore’s best in BBQ catering and BBQ wholesale, we at MonstaBBQ want you to enjoy your BBQ party to the fullest! So here are 5 super easy ways to marinate chicken wings to have an awesome BBQ.
1. Singaporean-Style

It’s a combination of different sorts of flavours that you might have never thought might actually ‘get along’, but the taste is simply amazing.
Serving Amount: Approximately 24 chicken wings
Things You’ll Need:
i. 3 cloves of minced garlic
ii. 1-inch cube of minced ginger
iii. 1 cup of tomato paste
iv. ½ cup of Hoison sauce
v. ½ cup of soy sauce
vi. ½ cup of ketchup
vii. 2 tbsp of chilli paste
viii. 1 cup of dark brown sugar
How To Do It:
i. Mix up the minced garlic & ginger with all of the liquids
ii. Pour in dark brown sugar
iii. Place the chicken in to marinate for at least 4 hours
The awesome thing about this recipe is that it works really well with other chicken parts like thighs & breasts too! Find out more free recipes and tips at
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[h=1]10 Best BBQ Places in Singapore[/h]In Singapore, we have summer 365 days a year, with the occasional super monsoon-ish days. However other than that, our little sunny island is PERFECT for BBQ at almost any time and there are several BBQ places to barbecue in Singapore! And BBQ pit booking is also super easy nowadays. It’s practically elementary to hold a great BBQ; with of course, the awesome BBQ stuff made easily available at
So here’s a list of 10 great barbeque pits you can book in Singapore!

[h=2]1. East Coast Park [/h]

Well, practically everyone knows to go there.
But before you go on to think that it is too cliché, remember that East Coast Park is definitely one of Singapore’s favourite beach hangout spots. The years of nostalgia coupled with the breeze of the salty ocean makes this place an all-time classic BBQ spot in Singapore.
Plus you get to do a heap of other activities there like bowling, cycling and rollerblading; just to name a few.
And if you’re feeling extra hungry, there’s also a prawning farm where you can try your luck at catching your meat for the BBQ.

[h=2]2. National Service Resort & Country Club NSRCC [/h]

For gatherings of families and friends who don’t always want to have to stand out in the open air, but get to bask in an air-conditioned bungalow with comfortable utilities- this is definitely the place for you.
It might be a little out of the way; but this spot is really comfortable. Some can sit indoors and play mah-jong, some can watch television, some can sleep upstairs, some can go for a walk to the beachside, and most importantly- some can barbeque up a variety of mouth-watering delights.

[h=2]3. Costa Sands Resort Sentosa [/h]

Costa Sands Resort is also available at Downtown East and Pasir Ris; but Sentosa is a clear popular choice. More details at
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