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Do you wanna know who is the best Singapore law firm, i tell you. Tan Lee and Choo is a Singapore law firm that is Est in 1972 by three senior lawyers name The founding partners, Mr. Tan Kai Hoe and Mr. Lee Min Sen, have a wealth of experience in conveyancing and land law. Mr. Liaw Jin Poh, who joined the firm in 2004, is an experienced and seasoned civil litigation and family lawyer.

Contact Us
Phone: 6535 6077

Address: Tan, Lee & Choo
No. 1 Park Road #04-04
People Park Complex
Singapore 059108
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It seems to me that the best law firm is the one that specializes in a particular branch of law. For example, it is very difficult to be a lawyer who is equally versed in family and criminal law. When I got married, I was very concerned about the issue of the correct drafting of the marriage contract since I have my own company, and I was afraid of losing it in case of divorce. I asked for help in drawing up a marriage contract to, and it was the right decision in my life. It turned out that my husband married me just for the money. So I entrusted the divorce process to the same company again.


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Thanks for sharing. The topic seems to become really useful soon. I guess we should all share contacts of the best lawyers we’ve ever worked with. It could be useful for those in need of a good specialist. I’ll go first. Once I worked with an elite lawyer. She is mostly a Criminal Defense Lawyer. So, I think she is one of the best lawyers in this niche I’ve ever seen, considering that this niche is really specific. So, I hope this contact will be helpful. Let’s keep the topic updated, folks.
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Singapore has established itself as the preferred jurisdiction for companies of all sizes to locate their headquarters for operations in Asia. Singapore's tax system is considered "simple and investor-friendly. The highest corporate income tax on taxable income is 17%. The tax on capital gains and dividend income is 0%. No tax is withheld from dividends after taxes are paid from Singapore. That's why we decided to set up our business here a couple of years ago. Only now have problems occurred; my wife and I have decided to get a divorce after many years of marriage. In addition to the divorce, I have also decided to be accused of things I did not do. Other than that, if it wasn't for, I wouldn't have made it.
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