beware of McDonald's Ang Mo Kio Park


Hi mummies,

my girl was infected hfmd after playing the indoor playground at macdonald Ang Mo Kio Park, at first we thought she was infected from school at childcare ( praise kids ) but there are no cases currently of hfmd infected from others kids over there. I n my husband was thinking where she infected from~ until we recall that we bring her to ang mo kio park mac to have dinner, after her dinner she went to the indoor playground play, the playground was dirty, water inside the tunnel slide n that is odd smell inside too... when my husband found out he stop her from playing but my girl have been playin awhile and we left the place soon as she is wet on the bottom due to the water inside as mention. After 2days, we found my girl having rashes on both side of her butt n some on her hand, we bring her to normal clinic but doctor just telling us is just normal rashes n given us a cream to apply on, we apply it for her but the rashes keep growing more and more, till 2 days later there is blister on her palm n some rashes on her toes and body too. We decided to bring her to kkh n doctor over confirm her infected from HFMD

dear all mummies, i not 100% sure whether ez she infected from the indoor playground at mac ang mo kio, but just incase pls DO NOT LET UR CHILD PLAY THERE ~

the macdonald is located at opposite Ang Mo Kio Town center along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6