BF cause BB stomach to be bloated??

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by fioncess, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. fioncess

    fioncess Well-Known Member

    Will breastfeedin cause baby stomach to be bloated?? Cos my bb is 100% on breastfeedin and she has big bloated stomach. is it normal for newborn to have bloated stomach or breastfeedin causes it?? wat shld i do abt it??
  2. wawa

    wawa Member

    my boy used to has that also, so bloated up to his chest area. He's also bf and latch on, no bottles at all. pd unable to explain the reason and insert pill into his anus, letting him to give out all the air. But be prepare that there will be lots of poos coming with it also.

    After that, he's given the rid wind medicine and reutefene drops. Even though i latch on, i was told to burp him every feed. It's a must, not a choice. So bb managed to burp most of the time. Also was advised to introduce pacifier to prevent bb from crying.

    Did all the above and my boy gets better, no more big tummy.
  3. fioncess

    fioncess Well-Known Member

    I bought pacifier but baby doesnt like. She only wan to suckle my breast and i cant cos i will overfeed her. and she keep crying at nite as she wan to suckle. at my wits end now...
  4. wawa

    wawa Member

    My boy still dislike it too but i forced him to suck on it. When he keeps sucking my breast, he will end up keeps vomiting it out. So wasteful lo..

    Usually I will hold the pacifier for a while to prevent him from spitting it out. Sometimes he sucks, sometimes he will get angrier (depends on his mood). If he doesnt suck, will try to carry in different ways, bring him to window or walk around to stop him from crying.
  5. uddermummy

    uddermummy Well-Known Member

    my dd is also like that.she will keep sucking for 1 hour and then she will puke all the milk out. v kelian.

    her stomach will also get v bloated and the poor girl will be so irritable the whole day, carry also cannot, sleep also cannot.

    turned out that she had gastric reflux. You want to ask your pd to check for this?

    dd is now on meds and she's a happier baby!

    yeah, burping is a must, and i also give her pacifier when she wants to suckle even tho she's full.

    bbs who latch on directly don't know how to use pacifiers, so you must hold the pacifier in the mouths until it stops dropping out. sometimes, bbs push the pacifiers out not because they don't like it, but because they don't know how to keep it in.
  6. fioncess

    fioncess Well-Known Member

    ya ya... The pacifier my baby will suck very hard then suck until angry. Her bloated stomach very bad so i let her lay face down and she will fart n burp then better. but after a while the bloated stomach come back again. so u suggest i bring her to doc??
  7. Spiralng

    Spiralng Well-Known Member

    My son also hv bloated stomach. What i did was use ru yi yu to rub on my palm until warm and press on his belly button. Do this action a few times and u will see the stomach slowly subsides. If not, hv to carry the baby and burp. Bloated stomach is due to wind in the stomach.
  8. fioncess

    fioncess Well-Known Member

    Ya i did tat too.. But after a while the bloated stomach come back again... Is it due to bf?? When will their stomach not be bloated?? Sometime bloated until i also dunno is baby hungry annot.
  9. uddermummy

    uddermummy Well-Known Member

    if stomach bloated, then best to burp and wait for some time before feeding?

    btw, FM will cause even more bloating cos it's not as easily digested by bb's stomachs!

    maybe you can try feeding your bb less, but more frequently?

    for my dd, i only feed her one breast each time. if i feed her both sides, she will def spit or vomit.

    because of her reflux, dd sometimes also give me v mixed signals. She full already still want to suckle, cos the sucking motion helps to keep the milk down and the milk helps to neutralise the acid from her stomach.

    if her stomach is not full, i will give. if it's full, i will just have to try v hard to entertain her.

    if your bb is really in discomfort, then you should take him to a pd to put your mind at ease. I changed 5 pds because they were not familiar with reflux, and one stupid idiot even tried to get me to change to formula!!!

    I've also tried ruyi oil, ridwind, detinox etc... all didn't help and i thought that i was a really lousy mother who couldn't handle my fussy dd. A lot of the pds, as well as family members, made me feel that way too!

    Now I'm with Dr Marion Au from NUH. She's v patient, v nice and won't make you feel like an idiot. The best part is she's v careful and is a gastro-intestinal expert. So even if it's not reflux, she'll be able to help you too.

    And BM is actually the best you can give your boi and you're doing a good job! Some pple, even docs, will always try to put the blame on BM, but if the bb is allergic or lactose intolerant to milk, he will also be allergic or intolerant to most FM and sometimes even soy-based FM!!!
  10. wawa

    wawa Member

    My boy's tummy only become normal after 6 weeks old and still look normal at 8 weeks+ now. Before that, it's on and off. You must make sure bb burp every feed, to get wind out of them. My boy can only burp when he's upright, not even in sitting position.
  11. Domique

    Domique Well-Known Member

    depends on what u eat too will affect the BM and BB - PD told me...

  12. uddermummy

    uddermummy Well-Known Member

    actually true... usual culprits are milk and dairy products, and sometimes also soybased products.
  13. fioncess

    fioncess Well-Known Member

    Oh. i jus bring my baby to see a doc but the doc didnt tell mi wat's the cause also. She even see whether did i latch on correctly. she say i did. so i also dunno wat's the cause. she only give bb a med to get rid of the wind. try a few more days see it works annot... sianz...
  14. candy_ian

    candy_ian Active Member

    my bb used to b quite "windy" in the early stages and i realised it's due ot the chilli and gassy drinks that i took so i cut down on all those and he had no more problems.. now he's 4 months and no problem with wind anymore..
  15. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Usually breastfed babies get bloated because they are not latched properly. A good latch will minimise sucking of air & they usually will not be bloated if you burp them after every feed.

    My son was bloated when we give EBM, during direct latch, he won't be bloated.

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