bf while having flu?


Yes, still can bf. In fact, the antibodies your body produce to fight the flu will be also pass to yr bb. Unless you can be sure you won't pass the flu to yr bb, if not, I think is better to let yr bb to receive yr antibodies to fight the flu juz in case she got it from you. Panadol should not hv problem, bt problem flu I m not sure. Cos I had been using only tcm which herb is believe to be safe for bf mum. Check with yr gynae.


i had fever and i still breastfeed. no problem!

i checked the internet and they said almost every sickness/illness, breastfeeding is still ok except for HIV. but do check with doc.

most importantly, if you latch, make sure you wash your hands and maybe cover your mouth and nose with a mask. just in case u pass it through air particles.


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Yup you can
For the first time I was down with stomach
Flu for a week (usually I get better fast but this time hai)
Also got fever, nausea etc still bf
Only the first two days harder cos I think he sense I m not well n taking med
So hard to get him to zzz after bf ...
Just be careful of hygiene, don't kiss n avoid close face contact, make sure you don't wipe your runny nose n then touch your kid, should be fine


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yes, can bf when u hv flu. but avoid panadol flu or max or cold relief. just take the normal panadol will do. may take longer time to recoved, but normal panadol is bf-friendly.


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i had flu last week and doc at raffles medical told me to stop BF when taking the pills he gave saying that there is no proved test that those medicine are not HARMful to bB
also i surf net...panadol is ok but panadol FLU is not ok cos the flu tablet has stuff that is not tested and proven not harmful to bb

so i avoided bf for one day when taking the medicine


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im down with flu & cough. yesterday i took flu medi & Lamsip medication. so yesterday i did not breastfeed my baby.

i was wondering this morning the breastmilk that i pump out, is it safe to feed my baby?
some of the medication are save but are not, if doc is saying the medicine is not safe for bm, then need to stop bf for tat few days, but still need to pump out so that milkflow will be continous...


yea sure you can breastfeed your baby when you have flu. but avoid medicine, panadol flu . just take the normal medicine. may take longer time to relieve pain, but normal is okay.


yeah its ok for me, because when i have short cold, i only let her feed then i drink only lots of they mention as long as mild the cold.
A cold its not a strong sickness, just drink lots of water, it will help you a lot even you don't take panadol flu, and yea sure you can still bf your baby :)