Bird nest feathers are toxic, they cause Tuberculosis. Is that true ?


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Dear all,

My elder uncles told me that the bird nest feathers are really extremely poisonous and cause Tuberculosis. Me and my family have been anxious because we often ate hairy bird nest. :(

He also pointed out eating bird nest is unethical because they even use their blood to make nests called red nest.

I just googled and still have no idea about these. Can anyone give me an answer or explanation please?

By the way, does bird nest benefit skin for ladies ? Thank you so much!
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1. Many researchers have found that what causes the reddish brown color is the chemical reaction among oxygen, iron and humidity which results in rust. Humidity also stimulates the rust to be absorbed into the nest making them reddish brown.

So you don't have to feel guilty when eating bird's nest. But actually, there are no more nutrition in this reddish kind of nests than in the others.

2. The fine feathers are excreted as waste through the digestive tract. The purpose of the thorough cleaning and removal of fine feather is to enhance the aesthetic bird's nest. It is also to enhance the taste of bird's nest.

3. Bird's nest indeed got helps for women, and I love it because of this. You should read now: bird's nest benefits for skin
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i have a close friend who ask me eat a lot of white fungus instead of bird nest.
it provides 70% of the benefits and nutrient of bird nest but its cheaper and much more healthier.

i been eating white fungus a lot, though to be frank, i also eat bird nest if my mother in law cooks for me. :D


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Have anyone heard of allergy to birds nest? Not sure why whenever consume I will have chest pain and nausea. Even when not pregnant I have the same symptoms so I completely avoid.