Birthday Party


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Hi to all Mummies,

I am here to share a website that will save all the hassle from preparing for your little ones birthday.

They do all planning,decoration and catering for you at the most reasonable price.

I did my daughter's 4th year old birthday party and it really turn out to be a fun and hassle-free party.

This is the web - I-THINK-4-YOU |

You can ask for a quotation before placing your order.
Discount will be given when you are doing a order 3 month before the actual birthday.

Hope you all can benefit from this!


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Awesome! Thanks for the link! Was googling and browsing for something like this! Oh yea, there's this link that I would like to share too because I think it would incorporate with the birthday celebration. It's a photobook, you can create it with professional help from P;log (, did one for my little treasure for his previous birthday and hopefully for memory sake! Do check it out if you wanna! :Dancing_tongue:
Hi mummies!

Stickers are also a great idea for kids goodie bags! Esp in childcare centres!
I have $1.50 fun foam stickers to share~ PM me or check the URL beloW


We provide quality photography services at affordable rates for birthday parties and celebratory events/functions. With our unique style of photography, we believe in capturing candid emotions and expressions as these are the special moments that are treasured but often missed.

-Digital enhancements and post-processing included
-High resolution jpg images returned

If our style fits what you are looking for, we love to hear from you! Drop us a message on Facebook! :)