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Dear fellow Mothers

This happened in 2013. Please be careful of an Indonesian Nanny / Maid called Isa (Marisa). She comes from Tegal in Indonesia. In 2013 I hired her to help me take care of my 1-year-old son. I usually never leave her alone with my son, I hired her solely for helping out in washing my son's bottles, clothes, and cleaning his baby room. Sometimes playing with him, but always under my watch. However in late 2013 since I was laid off from my office job (the office closed down) I had to work two jobs to make ends meet. I am a widow so I have to also foot the bills for my aging father's daily expenses. Because I had to work two jobs I had less time to spend at home and I had no choice but to trust the nanny to do her work properly. By this time it was already 4 months that she was working with me and she has been nothing but exemplary. I felt comfortable leaving her with my son under her care. To cut the long story short, she basically stole a lot of my household items, clothes and even my son's bottles to re-sell. I dont't even know where she was selling it to. She also force fed my son and he choked on his food causing oxygen deprivation to his brain. He is now attending school with special needs. The maid was sent back to Indonesia by the agency but no charges were pressed. My son is going to be 4 years old now and he is still required to attend special needs schooling. Please be careful when entrusting your child with the maid or nanny. Some of them are wolf in sheep's skin. I want to help our children be safer at home and I made a website to post these dangerous maids. Please, share your own experiences with these bad people so that others dont't have to. Maid Blacklist


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These are all very sad stories - it is such a shame that it is hard to find reliable maids in Singapore. Perhaps it would be better to use a vetted service such as Helpling?


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Hi all! I don't want to spam you but I think we can actually help you mums out. Glorgo provides a cleaning service from $18/hr and we have only Singapore citizens or PRs as helpers. For those of you worried about theft we also background check all of our cleaners.

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Pls avoid Rowena pasaje paje (21/6/74) Filipino maid as she been always intimate my kids that other countries maid will kill children.



Wet dust can’t fly. That’s a fact!
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Just to share my experience of a Filipino FDW. Do not hire her. Lucy Ca** Ando***.

This is my email to MOM to 'BL' her but it will not prevent her from coming back to SG should any potential employers not check or EA pull a fast one:

In summary of my previous helper's conduct, character, work attitude or performance:

1. Have been asking for advance salary from the 2nd month she started working for me.
2. Requested for off days and salary increment after only working for me for 2 weeks. Before I spoke to her, she started showing bad attitude towards her work even being rude to the children (2 & 7 yrs old). Even though the contract between us is a flat salary with no off days as she was employed without agency and henceforth, she do not have to pay for any loan and she received her full salary from 1st mth.
3. Been borrowing money from other FDW and so far there's 2 FDW appearing at my door step and asking for monies to be returned.
4. Have not been doing her job well. House is dirty and not in a clean condition. Her main job is house-keeping as my 2 girls leave home with me Mon-Fri at 645am to school. Both attends school/ childcare from 7-7pm on weekdays. Her only job during weekdays is to clean up the house and to cook dinner for the children. But, she failed in her main job duty of house-keeping.
5. Found out she has a boyfriend and she has been secretly leaving the house on a daily basis although I do not know what/why is the reason for leaving the house. She is not allowed to leave the house without informing me. But, from my cctv, i saw that she's been leaving the house daily in the noon.

1. Ingrate
2. Dishonest
3. Ill-mannered
4. Grumpy & Grouchy
5. Disrespectful
6. Cannot accept criticism or comments from employers.
7. Cannot accept employer's way of asking her to do things such as cook or cleaning the house.

Work Attitude:
1. Horrible work ethics
- Places that can't be seen on a daily basis had not been cleaned for the past 12 mths that she was hired. I have videos of the horrific condition of my kitchen cabinets.
- Food stuffs were left rotten and chucked away in the corner of kitchen cabinets and when i found it, maggots were found crawling around.
- Attitude towards children is HORRIBLE. My 2 children who are in school/ afterschool care & childcare from Mon-Fri 7am-7pm says that this FDW terrifies them as she's always angry and always scolding them whenever I'm (adults) are not around. Thank god, my children are seldom left alone with Lucy Ca** Ando***.

Her main task in my house is to do house-keeping. Cleaniness of the house is top priority. But, she failed horribly.

If I were to rate her accordingly upon 10. This is my rating:
House-keeping: 2/10. Areas that can be seen is cleaned accordingly. But, areas that can't be seen has never been cleaned for the past 12 months at all.
Child-Minding: 1/10. Not patient with children. Always showing a ill-tempered face. Ignoring the children when they greeted her, or say good night to her. Do not leave your children with Lucy Caya Andoloy at all costs.
Cooking: 1/10. Cannot cook well. Only willing to cook food that she likes to eat and it's always deep-fried food. Non-nutritious and bad for children. Not knowledgeable about food safety and hygiene as well for she'll leave frozen food out to thaw at room temp. Despite me as an employer telling her multiple times NOT to do that, she still does things her way. Even caught her cooking broken eggs that has been kept for several days. It's pure luck that my children have not fallen ill in any way.

With the above, I do not recommend that she should work for any fellow Singaporeans. She's a risk to any future employer.

Saw her profile in one of the EA.

PM me if keen to find out more as there's alot more, just that it's too long-winded to type out here.


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Is there a website where we can review the feedback of maids? I am planning to hire one but I am scared if the helper is not good.