Boat names to make you smile!


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Next up are the sarcastic names. Just remember – your boat name is just as unique as all the others.

  • She Got the House
  • Forced Family Fun
  • Unsinkable II
  • Main Mistress
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  • Error 404 – Fish Not Found
  • In a Meeting


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Haha, maybe owners initially rely on this reaction. Every boat I rented had funny names like "Crisps and chips" or "Sailor fantasy." Probably it's a trick of yacht rentals in miami, where I rented, but I really start to notice it more often near the water. Kinda all sailors are in a conspiracy, and it's a part of the plan. Wonder to name my future sailboat the similar, and if you have ideas - welcome. It's at least one thing that makes people happy or just smiling, especially after the costs of these boats. They had a price rise recently or what?