Bottomslim groupon review got scammed bad experience !!!!!! Ladies be careful

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  1. Bottomslim Groupon Review by Me, Myself & I

    This is the my truthful experience... Back in MAY 2014 !

    Was contemplating for a long time whether to post this because it seemed I'm very stupid to get cheated ...... But I think should warn some people !

    I am going to share the true story of how Bottomslim works ... cus I got cheated T.T ... My experience is back in May 2014 and now if they got improve , that's good.. if not.. better watch out haha....>.<

    One fine day I bought the Bottomslim Groupon because it seemed like a good deal and I felt really bottom fat ....


    Extracts from what Groupon said :

    For $25, you get 20 Sessions of Tummy, Thighs & Calves Slimming and Cellu-Rid Treatments (worth $2666).

    Complimentary BottomSlim Formulated Fat Blast Essence and a $300 treatment voucher after sessions included

    My first visit :

    I went to the Takashimaya outlet . Firstly, they let me do a survey sitting outside. It was a simple form to fill in, asking about your weight and exercise habits etc..

    The therapists were all from China , from the 10 girls I saw , only 1 is Singaporean .

    After completing the survey , I was led into a small room, to do one to one consultation with my assigned therapist, is a young China lady - which I am surprised they are extremely bad at English and converse almost everything in Chinese.

    She asked me my purpose today and she starting using the information survey and misled me into thinking that my body is in extremely bad condition and needed treatment very badly. She said she was trained in TCM, and felt my body and pulse as very slow and "cooling" , most importantly , she convinced me that my instestinal health is detoriating and there was severe blockage in my intestines.

    (at the point of time I really got scared and did believe because my stomach bloating is very bad and I suffered from indigestion easily - I was genuinely worried something was wrong with my health). She asked me to partially take off my clothes so that she could show me how they can help to shape my body . Then she ask me to stand in front of a full length mirror and she started to like "push" my fats back so I can look slimmer in front of the mirror... -.-

    She wanted me to sign up a package costing close to $3K , I said NO WAY and kept insist I did not have enough money . She got 1 other "consultant" to come into the room to "pressurize" signing of contract, eventually because of my concerns of my health and their promises to "clear my intestinal blockage" as priority, I gave in and signed up the lowest priced trial package which is $800. I thought if it could help my health , I could give it a try . I told them I want to pay by instalment...

    First day visit was just consultation and hard selling - the treatment was slated to be on another day ...

    ** I made sure that she wrote on my receipt whatever I was deserved to get . They actually gave me a very simple receipt at first, I was displeased and demanded for a more detailed receipt ..

    The original receipt they wanted to give me is just stating the amount of money I paid and the date I paid ...... -.-

    Below shows a copy of my amended receipt : The therapist can't even spell the treatment names!


    Thats why they very serious about saying the NO REFUND POLICY ... cos its scam haha .. Can't even write the date properly LOLzz​

    What did I get from Groupon ?

    Well Groupon was extremely misleading in saying :

    For $25, you get 20 Sessions of Tummy, Thighs & Calves Slimming and Cellu-Rid Treatments (worth $2666).

    What I actually got :

    Its only 5 sessions altogether :

    * 1 x 5 Tummy
    * 1 x 5 Thighs
    * 1 x 5 Calves
    Total is 20mins

    This treatment is where you lie on the bed, they strap the magnetic shock pads hooked up to a machine to your respective areas ( 2 pads at tummy, 2 pads at thighs and 2 pads at calves) and leave you there for 20 minutes to shock your muscles using the electric pulsation . They claimed the magnetic shock pads are the same used as hospitals which improve circulation and break down fat ........ After that then I know this is called TMC Treatment.

    * 1 x 5 Thigh Mask (which is only a layer of cream / gel like thing )

    This treatment is where after removing the shock pads, they just apply a layer of cream or gel like thing to your thighs and leave you lying there for another 20 mins.

    * Total everything done in 40 mins .

    Machine looks like this :
    Credits to Google Search
    Just like a suitcase open up

    * Complimentary BottomSlim Formulated Fat Blast Essence and a $300 treatment voucher after sessions included

    If you don't ask for it , they would conviniently forget to give you !!! I demanded for mine on the 3rd season .....

    Look at its pathetic size.... hahaha...​

    No $300 treatment voucher as I did not sign the package which they wanted me to sign, which I was "supposed" to sign (the expensive package) on the first day of consultation . You only can get if you sign on the first day but to be frank , the package they selling you costs like $3K , you'll be a fool to sign up on the first day w/o trying .

    Whats in the "TRIAL" package of $800 that I got scammed to signed ?

    1) 10 X CLT Sessions

    When signing the package, my consultant say this is different from the Groupon one as this is much more effective , using a different method to simulate the fat cells and improve circulation . As I have never tried slimming treatments before, I did not know what to expect .

    Turns out this CLT is almost the same as TMC as I described above, they even use the same damn machine !!! Its also using electric pulsation which is still strapped the electric nodes pad to the SAME parts of your body to shock them , the only different thing is that the vibration / pulsation is different ! -- does not mean that it is stronger... It just vibrate differently !!!!

    So how they do the treatment for me is that :

    After my 20 mins treatment as described above which is TMC, they continue another 20 minutes (me in the exact same position) by adjusting the modes of the pulsation, which is CLT .

    ** Note the only different thing is the pulsation - where this is just another type of vibration movement. OMG . Feel so cheated T_T . So just lie there for total 40mins !! For the thing to vibrate ..............................

    Source: GOOGLE
    The situation is something like the above ..with the vibration pads strapped to the specific part of your body , but not so many pads ..​

    2) 10 X SLT Sessions

    This sounds good but it ain't anything except a freaking red light heating lamp . This one only do on the Thighs ! So what will be done is they will put the FBM on your thighs (apparently Fat Burning Mask) , then let the red heating lamp shine on your thighs for 20 mins. I felt no effect at all , except my thighs feel heated ... Where's the fat burn as promised ?? Any bare lamp put facing your thighs for 20mins also will feel hot leh ......

    The lamp is something like the below : INFRARED LAMP (Source: Google)


    3) 10 X FBM

    Described FBM as above - Fat Burning Mask !!! Lol ... Put this mask then let the light shine 20 mins ! Make it sound like damm chim shit LOL

    4) 1 X Free Sonic Treatment

    Ok this is painful , because they finally use another machine - suction roller type things where the therapist use it to press down and rub very hard against you waist , thighs surfaces to "shape" it ...

    I think is called UT09 machine ..

    Of course many of you may have come across other bloggers blog that some inches were lost and all ..... For mine !

    My therapist die die take picture of my before after to convince me to sign this package immediately saying I urgently need it and it's more effective if do together with the rest - more than $3K plus - I kept saying no money !!! It works a little but it didn't last , walked out of the centre with a little more shape but Bounced back the day right after the treatment ..... Wtf .

    ** throughout the whole treatment there was no "physical therapy" done by the therapist . All the Chinese ladies they only weigh you , move the machines in and out , strap you to the machine , on the machines and adjust the power setting lor!!! And put the mask for you ....


    Bear in mind to get prepared to get hard sell every minute you are there . Of course they will be friendly at first and get closer to you , but all wolves lol .... Because I haven't signed a more expensive package (anything below $1K is considered trial to them) by the 3rd session , they get their "manager" to come into the room to pressurize buying saying "today special offer for you" , "next time you come dont have" etc ..... And about the various installment plans available , make it "affordable for you"....

    Got once I fake fake tried to ask about this package which costs like $5K , but they can cut until $2K !!! Hahaha wtf... so remember to bargain until siao if you still wanna sign ....

    ** Every treatment - be mentally and physically prepared for their HARD SELLING when you're lying on the treatment bed half naked ....can be not only one person hard selling you , even their manager also come in and push it .. WTF

    I got so fed up that I just stopped going after 6th session ... Feel so irritated ... I just kept saying if it really works then of course I will sign , if it doesn't work then I pay for what ??? And they like to say your fats are breaking down , try to bluff you say you seem better after every treatment ..

    But the fact is with my normal diet & normal life after the 6 treatments , I didn't even lose like 500grams or become firmer anywhere ... measurements all the same ...

    I have no pics cus I didn't take -- believe that if you are reading this you would have come across other blogger blog post with pictures .. Just sharing my personal experience with you all so you all won't get scammed like me .... Please do enought research before choosing a slimming company !! Still paying the damn installments till this date .. Urgh

    What Bottomslim promised : Never delivered - examples of their promises as below ..

    Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer:
    - Shapes and trims away unwanted bulges at difficult to lose areas ( tummy, hip, thighs)
    - relieves water retention
    - tones and shapes up body area
    - detoxification
    - improves overall circulation

    Sonic Slim US
    Nano Slim Treatment
    - Mold body curve.
    -Remove excess fatty deposit.
    Lift saggy muscles.
    -Treat orange pell skin.
    -Improve tissue tone.
    -Reduce appearance cellulite.
    -Lighten stretch marks and scars.
    - Promote blood circulation.
    -Promote lymphatic circulation and metabolism.
    -Reinforce the effects of products, deep penetration.

    SLT + FBM
    Slender Light Therapy + Fat Blast Mask Treatment:
    - softens and breaks down fat deposits
    - boosts metabolism to promote internal fat burning
    - relieves water retention
    - aids in weight loss

    Hope this post helps those who are considering BottomSlim & pls be careful of what you are signing..

    Just posting based on my own personal experience.....​

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