Brand of Baby Wipes


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as pigeon wipes comes in 3 or 6 packs. i usually buy the 6packs one at $19.50. no further discount alrdy so i usually buy it at NTUC, cos can gain points HAHAHAHA!!! :tlaugh:
by the way, how fast do you normally finish using 6 packs? wont they dry up easily ?


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All along I use Angels wet wipes. Cheapest in SG & it's good. Thick and wet enough. Free delivery to your place also. I usually order a carton :)

Thank you for your support to Angels Wipes.

You can find it in John Little and other retails shops too.

Please give you comments.


Those interested in Pigeon wipes, I was at Isetan yesterday. Selling 3 packs of 82 pieces at $9.50. 2 packs of those would be $19.00.


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Have any one use pureen wipes before. The one in pink package. the moment i switch to that brand my BB start to have rash... dont know if tht is the cause...


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Im using Kodomo, I dont like pigeon smell............. BTW watson having promo for Kodomo baby wipes.

Zappy Boy

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Hi mummies, we are Zappy, a Singapore brand of wet wipes. Our wipes are 100% Organic, all natural ingredients. Do give us a shot if you are still thinking which wipes to get!
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