Breastfeeding while working

frozen milk do have such smell and taste, it is very normal.

my baby is a fussy drinker, initially he won't take frozen milk, but sometimes when he is hungry, he is left with no choice. they will get used to it.

if you ebm will be used up withing the next 2-3 days, then no need to freeze. put in the lower section of the fridge, preferably further in the compartment away from door which is much cooler. can put up to 3 days.

freezing destroy some of the nutrients, so unless u got plenty and cannot finish using, freeze it.

all freeze bm must be thaw before using. thaw with running water or transferring to the fridge overnight to thaw. do not put the freeze milk into warmer straight

to transport milk to your nanny house, ebm or frozen bm, both can be done by cooler bag. add more ice pack if the distance is far. because any thaw frozen milk need to be used up within 12 hrs
if frozen ones started to melt down to liquid, it is considered thaw

actually if u put sufficient ice pack, it should last u a few hours. normally those ebm should be used up within the day or the next if you are transferring ebm on a daily basis to yr nanny place.

if ebm is spoilt, it has a funny smell or look. must observe, cannot rule out the possibility that ebm wont go wron if it stay cold. it happen to me once. i missed out that batch hidden way back at the end of the fridge, when i open up, it smell and look different, i dump them away

buy thermometer from daiso, the smaller size one so u can know how cold is yr fridge/cooler bag


Oh by the way, is it recommended for lactating mothers to take vitamins like calcium, fish oil etc? I have not't been taking any since my delivery...

Anyway, it is also recommended, so that u have lots of milk and you can produce more than what you have.