bringing 2mths bb to chinese wedding dinner?


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i gotta go to wedding dinner of my hubby collg tnite.
i hv a 2 mths old bb girl, n i never been to any wedding wif newborn.
i actly thinking not to go, but my hubby really want that we all go. i dont hv anyone to babysit my bb.
so, i need advice fr u guys

-should i go or stay home?
if i go;
-should i bring stroller or babybjorn?

im scared that my bb will cry or grumpy there n i also dont know how to eat in the dining table wif other ppl when my baby wif me...

i actly never been to chinese wedding dinner, so far only been to malay . wedding. how long shld i stay there or can i go home early? is it appropriate to do so???


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babe, if u're bringing a baby to wedding dinner, better bring along a stroller.

for chi wedding, usually starts at 8pm till 11pm.. but if ur baby is v cranky, mayb u can leave at 9+ or 10pm.. i seens some couple leaving at ard 10pm cos their babies are cranky. i'm sure the couple will understand.

i think the part when a baby will be cranky shd be the yum seng part, cos it's quite loud. mayb u can bring ur bb out of the ballroom during tt time? tt's wat my cousin did when she brought her bb to my wedding last time. but they stay thru out the dinner cos her bb was okay other den the yam seng part.. =)


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aiyo juz tel ur hubby he go himself la u stay at hm bb stil so young sumore 2mth onli if bb cry u n ur hubby oso cant hapi too sit dwn ther to eat lor...weddin dinner is v noisy de n alot of ppl but anyway its up to u la... if 4mi my hubby sure ask mi to stay at hm coz my bb dun like noisy noisy she cant sleep de:001_302:


think dun go better cos u can't eat also. when i bring my 2mth gal to foodcourt she will get cranky b'cos of the noise. Even if she is sleeping and i am eating, my eyes will keep staring at her, v scare she will suddenly wake up n cry again. so can't eat nicely also. If u go make sure sit at the corner so can PARK yr stroller.


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im going there..I HAVE TOO,,,
let juz hope she will not b cranky..
if so, ill make excuses to go!!
so far. she dont mind crowded places,,, this wedding will b in a bungalow, not hotel instead.
let see how it goes guys...


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I just wanna say to be prepared that you will be sitting out the entire dinner in the lounge. That's what I did cos DS didn't like the env inside for some reasons though he was pretty ok with the others we attended.


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Don't worry, just go. I brought my son who just turned 2 months to a wedding dinner too. My son was just curious and looked around. He was even passed around the guests, my realtives till I lost him. But u must let your husband know that he needs to help to carry your baby, so that u will not be tired out. Moreover, when people see baby, they might offer to help u carry. Bring the stroller for him to sleep. But to play safe, in case he wants to be carried, bring the carrier too.


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actu i feel tt it all depends on ur baby. lik ds, he prefers noisier environment den those v quiet one.. =)


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thank u guys..
ya, u rite apollo, its all depend on baby.
so we arived at 630, n managed to stay till 830 only, my hubby stay longer.
my baby actly was asleep e whole time in her stroller, till ard 8 she became a bit uncomfortable. its not because of the loudness,but the HEAT. so hot, we have to b outdoor.