Business opportunities Sell Bird's Nest Soup Profit above >100%


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Business opportunities
Sell Bird's Nest Soup
Profit above >100%

Do you like cooking?
You can cooking bird nest soup to sell to friends, neighbors, pregnant women for skin health and beauty.

Swallow nests are a health food that is very popular with Chinese people because it is very beneficial for skin health and beauty
Edible bird's nest made from hardened swiftlet's saliva, because the amount is small but the demand is big causing the price of swallow nest is very expensive.

Starting a swallow bird nest soup business?

Because of the big demand, many successful companies sell swallow nest soup that is ready for consumption.
They cook swallow nests into delicious soups, then packed in bottles or bowls and deliver to customers home.
They sell thousands of bowls and bottles every day

The following are examples:
1. KING OF NESTS - Singapore (
2. YU XIANG YAN - Singapore (
3. YUPINZHEN - Singapore (
5. HOMEOFSWALLOWS - Hongkong (

Can individual successfully sell swallow nest soups?
Selling swallow nest soup requires only a little capital below <USD 500, to buy swallow nests, sugar, cooking pots and pack bottles or bowls.
Swallow nests can also be stored for a long time several years in dry conditions and stored in the refrigerator.
So you have plenty of time to build a marketing network, and the risk of loss is very small.

How to build network marketing:
1. You can start with friends and neighbors
2. Join the Online Food Ordering Application
3. Selling through the online marketplace: Taobao, Tmall, Amazon, Babytree, Mama and others
4. Distributing food service brochures for pregnant women
5. Distributing brochures in Maternity Homes and skin beauty clinics
6. Advertise in health, pregnancy and beauty magazines

How to cook a delicious Swallow Bird Nest Soup?
Swallow nests can be served as hot soup or cold drinks mixed with ginseng, fruits, milk, honey, ice or rock sugar.
For examples of some recipes you can see here:
1. Steamed Bird's nest soup (
2. Braised bird nest with papaya in coconut milk (
3. Bird's nest soup with ginseng (
You can find other recipes on YouTube, Google and Baidu

Choose a bowl or bottle package:
For customers who only need a few hours to deliver bird nest soup, it is better to use a bowl.
For customers who need several days of shipping time, you should use a bottle to avoid spilling when shipping.

Make a bird's nest concentrate :
to make the bird's nest can be stored for a long time in a bottle, you can cook swallow nests in the form of concentrates, bird nests cooked in a very thick and concentrated sugar solution, so that bacteria cannot live there.
Put it in a glass bottle and send it to your customers, they need to add water when consuming the swallow's nest.

How to save production costs :
The price of swallow's nest is very expensive, some people buy whole bowl-shaped bird nests as gifts for friends and family.
But to sell soup, you don't need to buy a swallow's nest with a full shape, because customers only judge the taste of soup.

To save production costs, You can buy a bird's nest that breaks, good quality but cheaper prices.

Swallow nests are objects that are very easily broken when dropped or pressed hard, when a worker carelessly makes a mistake at harvest, during transportation or during the cleaning process, causing the bird's nest to break.
The broken bird's nest will be sold at a cheaper price.

Our company sells broke swiftlet nests to bottled beverage factories and restaurants

We guarantee 100% natural no adhesive, no bleaching, no chemicals
We guarantee 100% natural cleaning process

The sizes of broken swallow nest that we sell :
1. Big Broken
2. Small Broken
3. Legs

Big Broken Bird's Nest
Used to cook swallow bird nest soup served in a bowl, so when eaten it still looks long like vermicelli noodles

Small Broken Bird's Nest
Used for cooking bottled drinks, swallow bird nest is inserted into a glass bottle, so it is easy to put it in a bottle

Bird's Nest Legs
Is the edge of the Broken Swallow's nest, the texture is thicker and chewier. There are customers who like this thick chewy texture.
Can be served as hot soup in a bowl, ice, cold drink in a bottle.

For information, please see the attached brochure or contact us
Wechat : CUREWEL
Website :
Email : contact(at)gowaletasia(dot)com



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