Butterspace bakery at chai chee

Everyone adores desserts, so everyone else is turning artisan wannabe in hopes of making a pretty penny off those bottomless sugar cravings. What then sets Butterspace apart from the cosmic menagerie of mostly two-bit cafes which sprout up just about as quickly as they fizzle out? Wheat or chaff, we did some digging and eating to ascertain for ourselves.

Originally an online bakery business that launched only last year, Butterspace aspires to bigger things seemingly hastily, having already opened its first physical outlet on 21 June. Beyond hawking kitschy cookies, brownies, blah blah blah, this neo-ascetic hole in the wall doubles as ice-cream parlour - folks may thus also momentarily licka'way the relentless tropical heat on their own dime.

Encamped within the reputedly sleepy Chai Chee precinct (plied by bus services nos. 26, 222), Butterspace operates daily from 12pm-2am.

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