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    Investing in phnom penh property guide for foreign investors.
    Few things to note about ownership, taxation? Where is the prime location? and more
    This apartment in Phnom Penh article contain collection of best property in phnom penh
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    Starbucks Cambodia open world class flagship store

    Starbucks held the grand opening of its newest flagship store in Phnom Penh on October 7 with a bright new outlet featuring local craftsmanship and iconic global images. The shop boasts unique features such as a hand-carved Siren made of Cambodian sandstone.
    Beside Starbucks, there are many international brand expanding into Phnom Penh. If you look to invest into the real estate market, this apartment in phnom penh can help you.
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    When it comes to high-rise condominiums and low-rise residential terrace houses, Cambodia is no longer in its infancy. Property market in cambodia is booming and projects can fetch a net yield of about 5 to 8 per cent.
    Some notable projects from foreign developers, including those from Singapore and China, have gained strong presence and support from both local and foreign buyers for their modern and trendy design, as well as city centre location.
    Check out best investment in Cambodia at apartment in phnom penh

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