Buying baby pillows or bolsters


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Hello, I'm looking for preloved baby pillows and bolster. If you happen to sell it do PM me the pictures and we can discuss further or drop me a text @ 9-7-7-6-0-7-8-4

I can meet at your convenience to collect the items.

* Does not matter on pillow or bolster condition.

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For my last two babies, I always got bolsters, and they worked perfectly. They always did their job well and prevented them from injuring themselves while asleep. For that matter, I never had any issues with bolsters. But now that I'm pregnant again and I keep hearing all this fuss about baby pillows and all, I'm considering giving them a try. My favorite bedding brand,, started making baby pillows recently, and they seem pretty great. I'm kind of scared to use it, though, since I read somewhere that it's only safe for babies to use pillows at 18 months.
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