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    Hi mummies/mummies-to-be!

    (My first post, pls be kind :p)

    I recently bought a Calcium Magnesium Citrate supplement (pic attached) in liquid form from GNC as I have difficulties swallowing pill which gynae prescribed. Gynae suggested cutting or crushing the pills but the thought of it just make me feel nauseous haha. She also mentioned GNC selling calcium citrate in liquid form so I went to look for it and found it!

    However, my concern with the supplement is that, there is a warning label (pic attached) which states "California Only. Warning: This product contains a substance known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm". I only noticed this after buying it! :O but salesperson said it is ok for pregnant women.

    Should I be worried?? Any mummies took this supplement before? I would ask gynae but my next appt is only in July!! Would appreciate ur comments/feedbacks before I consume it.. Thank you!

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    Safest to go back and check with your gynae.

    I've stopped my supplements as well until getting confirmation from doctor.

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