Calling Parents with Eczema Children to Join Support Group

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  1. Marcie Mom

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    [FONT=&quot]I'm Mei, Marcie Mom, and starting to form a support group for parents like us with eczema children. If you like to join, do fill in the form on my blog, While filling in the form, deeply appreciate if you can check the box indicating that you are ok for the brief information to be published on my blog so that other parents can get to know you (and you know them when they do the same). The information to be filled is brief and you can see the sample here. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]In the meantime, do poke around my blog for a little while and view some of the tips I've compiled below and not forgetting my ebook A to Z Animals are not scratching! epicturebook, which is yours for free when you fill in the form. Hope to get to know you![/FONT]

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  2. Marcie Mom

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    Hi to all parents with eczema children! For the support group, I have started a group email for parents to chat with each other and share ideas. If you wish to be invited to the group, do fill up the contact form and I will send you the invite. Look forward to chatting with you!
  3. Marcie Mom

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    I've just started a 13-part sensitive skin product series that a leading hypoallergenics authority explain to us, parents with eczema kids, on product label, ingredients and how to apply on sensitive skin. Do check it out and feel free to ask questions as there's also a Dr Q&A every Friday.
    Eczema Blues
  4. Marcie Mom

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    An update on our 4th support group meeting on 28 April (sat); it's at 9.30am, Long John Silvers, Tiong Bahru Plaza and one lucky member will be given a free Snuggle Paws long sleeve cotton top suited for 2-3 year old.

    See this post for more info, 4th Support Group Meeting comes with Snuggle Paws Giveaway! 28 April 930am | Eczema Blues

    Look forward to meeting everyone! Pls read the post, as you have to be a member, RSVP and turn up to be entitled to the lucky draw!

    Mei aka MarcieMom
  5. castling

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    Hi Mei

    I read with interest your recent article in ST re. ecezema children.

    I worked in a water treatment company and have 3 boys who suffered from ecezema since young. My wife and I tried all types and sort of remedies but to no avail.

    I started my boys on cavitated water (PUB) some years back and amazingly, they broke out of the ecezema within a year and with no medication. This is not a sales gimmick as the company do not sell their cavitated water (used for agriculture, aquaculture, river biomediation etc) but I have been trying it on a number of ecezema patients and all shown results within a week or two.

    Let me know how I can help your group.
  6. Marcie Mom

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    Hi Castling,

    Just saw your message and happy to hear that you've got your children's eczema under control. Is there any clinical study for the water you're referring to? There's a formal study on softened water in UK and the results are surprisingly that it didn't help - surprise because parents feedback it did but under study, there's no differentiated improvement in eczema in the group with the softened water vs those without.


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