Can feel baby heartbeat by touching stomach??

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by minako85, May 28, 2010.

  1. minako85

    minako85 Member

    Hi mummies,

    Can u actually feel baby heartbeat by touching stomach? I dunno am I thinking too much but sometime when I touch my tummy I felt tt I can really feel the baby heartbeat....

    Anyone try b4?
  2. P4nic

    P4nic Member

    I dunno but sometimes I feel the heartbeat like my tummy got slight movement .. Could b my imagination hee I m only 12 weeks..
  3. paperger85

    paperger85 Member

    Not possible...It is most probably your heartbeat that you're feeling. :)
  4. angelwendy

    angelwendy Well-Known Member

    yup is not possible... cause the heartbeat is very small flicking beat... so i think is too weak to feel it.... haha... maybe u too happy already.. haha...:001_302: slowly u will feel baby moving inside...
  5. PTB7476

    PTB7476 Well-Known Member

    not possible too many layer of tissues between us and the fetus no way can feel it
  6. izanyzam

    izanyzam Member

    I dont think its possible coz wen i was pregnant,i felt something like a heartbeat but it was actually my baby hiccupping..!!! :001_302:
  7. minako85

    minako85 Member

    Oh... Dunno leh... Sometime when I was lying on bed v quiet I put my hands on my stomach..n another on my own heart... I could feel two heart beat.. Lol... Could be my imagination ba haha =p
  8. jas2909

    jas2909 Member

    I tot it's the baby heart beat too at first.. but my gynae told me it's my heart beat.. but later on as the baby grew.. i realize that constant pulsing is baby's hiccuping..
  9. Pamper

    Pamper Member

    i felt something like yours too.. it was different from my own heart beat.. i tell my hubbie that i can even c my tummy jumps along with the beats.. but later then find out it's my pulse rate n not heartbeat or baby kicks.. LOLs.. so stupid right? but now i deliver already will miss those times.. when everything seems so small n strong.. ^^
  10. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    It possible to feel the bb heartbeat sumtimes IF the bb heart is closer to the skin then u can feel it~

    TANZHENZHI Active Member

    I think not possible, last time i use to be like you, when lying on the bed quietly, feel my stomach tot it's the baby heartbeat but when i ask my gynae, she says it's my heartbeat. :) Dun think so much.. Relax and enjoy the process of being pregnant.. I really miss those days hahaha...
  12. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    A fetus heartbeat aft 12th week of pregnancy is roughly between 120-160 beats per minute. A normal adult heartbeat is 60-80 beats per minute. That makes a fetus heartbeat nearly double the speed of your own. So if you can feel something that rapid, it would be it, but I highly doubt the possibility of feeling it.
  13. P4nic

    P4nic Member

    hur.. mine bb heartbeat 163/min leh.. very fast hor...
  14. bakaholic

    bakaholic New Member

    I dun think can feel bb heartbeat cos got big fat layer on top. Hehe..
    It's definitely our heartbeat cos sometimes the doc can't find bb heartbeat even with the doppler.
  15. bdaygrl

    bdaygrl Member

    it's most probably our heartbeat that we can feel, but when i was pregnant my hubby could hear baby's heartbeat just putting his ear on my tummy, it was twice the speed of my own. it was so exciting! :)
  16. Juz17

    Juz17 Member

    I think it's possible. Cos I was doing it recently...and I can feel 2 heart beats beside mine...very faint though...I even asked my hubby to put his fingers on my tummy and feel... :001_302:
  17. Juz17

    Juz17 Member

    Ya's heartbeat is twice the speed of ours! :)
  18. sasayeo

    sasayeo New Member

    haha.. i can only feel my stomach GROWL!:001_302:

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