Can I bake 2 cakes in the oven at the same time? Will it affect temperature?



I have one cake on the top shelf and one on the bottom, both of the same size and same mixture. It's a fan-forced oven heated to 160C or 320F and the recipe recommends I cook for 45-50mins. Does having 2 cakes in the oven make a difference? Will I need to adjust cooking time or temperature. Will I need to rotate the cakes?



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Yup! When using good quality commercial ovens then many things can be baked together. After all, that's their advantage.


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I tried on my tefal oven before. Can bake 2 cakes at the same time but the cooking time is abit longer, by about 10 mins or so and I kept checking just in case.. haha good luck!


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It depends on which brand's oven you are using. If it is high brand then you should have no problem to bake 2 cakes together. High quality and branded oven has advanced features or techniques which help it to bake multiple things at same time and varying temperature.