can newborn baby sleep in the air condition room?

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by joanneang, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. joanneang

    joanneang Member

    mummies,is it okie for newborn to sleep in the air con room with me during my confinement? wad is the best temperature for newborn? or isi it better to let my boy sleep in the air con room after 1mth? do mummies wrap your newborn with cloth at nite when they sleep? i heard it will make bb feel more sercure when they sleep.

    pls advice,tks..
  2. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    yes of cos! when they are born, in hospital, they are ALRDY in aircon room. haha! at night we will let him wear long sleeve shrit n pants + cover him with his blanket.

    i wrapped ds until 1 WEEK old only. cos he dun lik to be wrapped up and my pd said shd let his hands n legs our to exercise. my mum also supports this idea, so aft 1 week, we stop wrapping him. =)
  3. allycat

    allycat Active Member

    Same here. Both of us were, and still are, sleeping in aircon room. The weather these days are simply too hot. Quan sleeps with long sleeve top, long pants and blankets. I also use sleep bag as he is getting active and will kicks his blanket away.

    As for wrapping; I did that occasionally during the confinement month.
  4. angelwendy

    angelwendy Well-Known Member

    my boy is sleeping in air con room all the way till now... but afternoon i will just on the fan.. evening till next morning is air con... just swaddle him if possible... cause it will make ur baby sleep longer... i regret not to swaddle my boy for long.. so is better that u swaddle him...
  5. shopaholic

    shopaholic Member

    All along sleeping in aircon room. My boy perspires easily, I think he sleeps better in aircon room when he's comfortable and cool.

    I swaddled him in the first few weeks but not much help in getting him to sleep. So we eventually removed that. Besides, he likes to stretch his hands and legs, so after a while, the swaddling cloth will be kicked off. :p
  6. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Yes can sleep in air con room

    But do not for stuffy noses. Since NB has shorter nasal passages and smaller as well so it can get stuffed from the cold and dry air.
  7. shiyi

    shiyi Member

    yes but let her wear long sleeves and cover blanket.. i put 21degree celcius
  8. nsync_su

    nsync_su Active Member

    My newborn sleeps in an aircon room with us and his sister. I will put his sleepwear on (covers his legs and long sleeves) and covers him with a blanket. I dun swaddle him anymore as yeah... he doesnt like it too. Did it juz couple weeks only. We will put it at 23 degrees celsius all nite. So its not too cold nor too stuffy. And yeah.. my babies sleep soundly in an aircon room. :D
  9. Stan

    Stan Member

    Besides when just born in hosiptal, my baby has never sleep in aircon...
    Just out of curiosity: mummies who let babies to sleep in aircon room, do they get colds/flu/coughs easily?
  10. chiro

    chiro Active Member

    my son do not get colds easily, only time he get sick is when he startedteething.a rule of thumb to determine if air con is too cold, touch baby's face and ears, if they are cold, turn up the thermostat
  11. cheekbe

    cheekbe Member

    we have our girl sleep in air con room at night -- asked the hospital what temperature is their nursery and they said 25 degrees so we have it at 24 in the room... we swaddle her at night and i think she sleeps better with it.
  12. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    About 25 degree Celsius room temperature is the most ideal.
    My boy slept in air-con room at night since birth; for naps since a few months old as he perspires easily and gets eczema rashes. Now, he sleeps in air-con room in singlet/diaper in the day and short-sleeves/pants at night.

    He needed a big sense of security to sleep well and had 'flying arms' until 6+ months, so he was swaddled for 6+ months! It helped him sleep well but not healthy for limps development, so need to give him lots of exercise time when he's awake.
  13. diymummy

    diymummy Moderator

    Yes for my boy. He gets cough easily. But that's also coz he's exposed to the germs more from infant care.

    I feel that as long as you ensure that his room is generally clean and dust free, it should be ok.

    My boy gets frequent coughs because he likes to breathe with his mouth because his nose gets blocked from the dry air con air.

    If you use air conditioning, make sure he can breathe properly through his nose.
  14. Stan

    Stan Member

    wow... 21 is quite cold! I set at 24 when i sleep...:shyxxx:
  15. Stan

    Stan Member

    Thanks mummies... think need to start letting her sleep in aircon soon cos the heat is getting unbearable ..
  16. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    ds used to fell ill easily but was coughin. when he was btwn 2-5mths old. but now, so far so good. as long as the temp is not below 24degree, and u let him wear long sleeve/pants + cover with blanket if u think is too cold for him, shd be alright.
  17. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    Ya my baby too slept in air con room but temp was at mild 26-27 as she didnt want to be covered with anything n slept in her sleeveless romper.Her first week of life when she didnt mind swaddling temp abt 25.If colder than tht i wld be the one ending up with a cold..hehheh
  18. shiyi

    shiyi Member

    haha i think cos our aircon got problem aldy.. so 21 is like 24.. haha
  19. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    haha i understand wat u meant. cos previously for my old aircon, even we on 20 degree, it's lik VERY HOT looo, i think the old aircon 20 degree is = my current aircon 26-27 degree :tlaugh:

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