Can pregnant woman apply ammeltz yoko yoko on the back?

Discussion in 'General Pregnancy Discussion' started by marchbear83, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. marchbear83

    marchbear83 Member

    Hi mummies, can anyone answer the above question? I have applied it to my back coz of back pain but not sure if it's safe to use during pregnancy anot. Pls help if you know thank you.
  2. irdaaa

    irdaaa New Member

    I am 25 weeks pregnant now and had been using ameltz yoko yoko. But last night i put quite a lot than usual at the backside of my body because i fell a terrible back pain. Suddenly my tummy feel so hot and i started to feel the pain at my stomach. I feel my stomach like bloated and difficult to breath. I hardly say a word and hardly need oxigen. I couldn't move but i tried my best. Everything seems helpless. So my husband brought me to the nearby emergency ward and after 30 minutes the pain had gone and i can breathe like normal. The emergency doctor gave me trauma jab. After that i was shivering because i feel so traumatised with what had just happened to me. Luckily my baby heartbeat is normal. So my advise to u is.. Better avoid it. Or if u really need it maybe just use baby oil or use medicated patch. But through my searches, some doctor says it is ok to apply ameltz yoko2. It is better for you to get confirmation from the doctor. But for me, i swear i wont use it again after what had happened to me last night.
  3. marchbear83

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    Thank you for sharing. I think I'll avoid using it. : )

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