Career or my bb

Hi mummies ,
Currently on my maternity leave.

Will be going back to work end of Dec'12 but my prince will be less than 3 month, due to I have my maternity leave earlier 1 month before I give brith. After discuss wif my hubby decided to put him at the infant care. Just wanna is it ok to leave a bb who is less than 3 month in the infant care. Wanna should I quit my job to look after him till he is 6 month than go back to work again, very confuses career or bb ??
Anyone out there care to share ?


No pay is an option. I am suppose at wrk in oct. But bcoz i wanna bf my bb till at least 6months, i took no pay leave for 2 months. U can discuss with ur hubbie and if.financially is allowed, i think no amt of money u can earn can buy bck this precious time with ur.darling...


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If can, probably take unpaid leave. At the same time try to look for infant care or recommended nanny. I would prefer nanny, at least one to one attention and baby don't get sick often.


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I sent my bb to infant care when he was 10mths old.he often fell sick and almost non-stop,so u two basically need to take leave to look after him and ur leave may not even enough for's better if u can keep him at a bit longer..and it will affect his growth as well.
I have already secured a place but the things is the infant care centre tr youngest is 6 months old. Unpaid leave I'm afraid my boss will not be happy


Hmm I had a counterpart in US take unpaid for1 year after having baby. But dunno y here cant take.. Maybe cos they hav to pay medical benefits etc


It's a hard decision for every mother. The best is to take care the baby ourselves at home till the baby's 1 1/2 years of age. In my opinion, Sending to infant care is the last resort. Please take unpaid leave as mentioned by other mummies here or go back to work after the baby is strong enough :)


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I choose baby over my career. Managed to find a full time job recently, however my baby fell sick two days before I start working. She's only 1 month plus. Although my mum is helping me to take care during the day, I still misses her. Eventually, I tendered n look after her.

you can try taking unpaid leave, if not, work part time which I'm currently doing.

Take care :wong19:


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My hubby and I agreed that I stay home with the kids until they are at least 18 months old to go to child care. However I never went back to work, not because I couldn't find a job, but because I was so comfortable with being home with my kids that I went to find work that I can do from home.

I think there is no right or wrong whether a mom chooses career or baby, so just do what you and hubby think is the best for the family, and review this arrangement again 6 months later.

The good thing about leaving your child in infant care now is that, he will get priority to advance to their child care. Considering that there is a shortage of child care spaces these days, this is quite a good advantage.

Also if i'm not wrong, infant care only take in baby at least 4 months old. Maybe someone can verify this?


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Me too. I prefer BB over career if hubby is able to support the whole family.
No point to earn that extra income just to put our child into baby care centres...


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I took unpaid for 2 months, after which i discussed with my boss for a part-time arrangement (only worked from Mon to Wed). Thereafter, my mil helped me with Mon to Wed and for the rest of the week, I have been full time with my baby... thanks god that i have a considerate boss. It has really been precious moment that I have spent with my baby.. glad that i didn't miss it much.. So ya, please try unpaid leave and try discuss it with your boss :)


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Agree with all mummies here. try to take unpaid leave? I believe it will be the best choice to able to take care of your child and at the same time keep a place at work.